Friday, April 1, 2011

Vietnam - A Tale of two Firebases

Tonight I setup a really cool layout for a Vietnam firebase in a valley between some high hills and low hills. To do this I used the main firebase (Houston) and set it on one side of the table and setup another much smaller firebase (Dust) on the opposite side.

I put a platoon in each firebase and a base HQ in the main firebase. 

There is a platoon of NVA engaging a platoon of ARVN in the paddy fields. 

There is a convoy of gun trucks and supplies heading to the FB Dust. 

There are two 105s in Houston and one 105 in Dust. 

A platoon of Blues rush toward the ARVN to help while three medivac choppers are hot and ready to be called. 

A Cobra (Lancelot) flies overhead while his Pink team buddy in the Loach flies low. A Dragonfly and a pair of Skyraiders provide air support.

When do you want to play?!? 


  1. Great set-up! I was just painting some Italeri Vietnam miniatures, I hope to play a game of FNG or Advanced Recon some day.

  2. @Beccas - Thanks bud. I set it up last night in the hopes we get a chance to play.

    @Atom - I'd love to see them! I know Darby pretty well he did our maps for the Conflict on Mars book. Great stuff!

  3. Really nice because it's do-able. I can imagine that on my table.