Friday, April 1, 2011

CoTS - The Sands - Part I

The Sands - Somewhere in the deserts near Calimport waits an ancient evil. Hidden. Malice. It's influence has saturated the land. A brother in darkness to the Night Lord. Our heroes now venture towards this evil to defeat him and to find their destiny.

Can Ariadine, Grusk, Kreek, Whisper, Tealeaf, and Marcus find the tomb of the Rot Lord and defeat his evil? Do they have what it takes to bring life back to the entropy that has become Calimshan? Or will our heroes fall like so many others to the powers of corruption? Find out!

This game will be podcasted

This is the beginning of the end of the campaign for the Chronicles of the Six heroes. We'll be moving on to play Kingmaker using the Pathfinder rules after the culmination of the game.

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