Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Chronicles of the Six - The End

In this finale episode our heroes deliver the final blow to the Rot Lord and learn his true name before dancing with the gods and sending the evil that has risen in Faerun to oblivion.
A Landshark has made his lair under the sands he grabs whisper and attempts to flee with his meal

Somewhere in the sands waits the entrance to the tomb of the Rot Lord where Merkul and his twelve children wait. While the Wolf Lord moves to uncover the secrets of the Shadowlord and N'Thoh and her band moves to take on the Nightlord.

At the entrance to the Sphnix

They find the dead bodies of Eliminster, Khelben and Ravana Ravenclaw of the Goldenspeck. The Ancient Sage, the Master of Waterdeep and the Ancient Gold Wyrm.

As our heroes play the harps mummies rise from the sands to defend the entrance
Will our heroes stand with the gods or will they fall and with them the last hopes of a world?

...and the tales of the heroes of the Chronicles of the Six is recorded in legend...
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Lich and Mummies
Sleeping Illithid
A bishop of decay and several chaos warriors

The spirits of the 12 necrolords divide Faerun
Grusk takes on the Rot Lord

The Rot Lord summons his minions