Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Kvane

Eons ago this race left a planet. They had exhausted the planet's resources. Not through technology or through over use, they devoured it. These immortals resemble tall lanky humans. They are completely bald and have deep-set, slitted bright red eyes. The source of many vampire legends on Earth they have existed for ages in the shadows of society - never actually making full contact with Earth - taking food as they needed it.

These creatures feed through the hollow points at the ends of any of their six oversize canines. The Kvane travel in Darkships which eat through the aether leaving gaps in reality as they pass. A serious hazard to shipping and commercial aether lanes the Kvane have been blamed for unknown disappearances of entire aetherships of the Great Powers.

Next to nothing is known about their anatomy as only one survivor has ever lived to tell the tale of the attack. This man's identity, race and nationality is kept secret. Some members of the Great Powers theorize that the Overlord Skvani and the Kvane could be ancient enemies which could be of use to the known worlds. Of course the possibility also exists that should the Kvane and the Skvani actually have a war with one another the casualty could be reality itself.

The Kvan are part of the ever expanding world of WTNW.


  1. Crikey, that's heavy. That's getting into pure weirdness. Even better!

  2. well they eat reality in their Darkships. It's very VSF.