Saturday, April 2, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Balee

The Balee are a savage, honor-bound race of wolfish beastmen who live on Mars. They circumvent the globe yearly and are known for their large herds of Zkor, large elephantine creatures who rival the wooly mammoth in size and ferocity, that they have somewhat domesticated to use as mounts. The Balee are a proud race that sees running from a fight as the ultimate in cowardice.

One Balee noted in particular as he defeated a Gaal, a terrorbird-like man called another of Mars' inhabitants, as he pulled his sword gun from his chest on the battlefield that his people struggled against peace. These mighty warriors who excel in the sport of fighting hand to hand and in the ways of the Martian beasts move as if a Red Sandstorm.

Alas, the Balee are not the rulers of the great planet and so they must remain content to share the power with the Reds, the Greens and the Whites and unbeknown to the proud Balee as smoke clouds from large Aetherships appear over the horizon of the Red Planet one bearing a Union Jack and another an Iron Cross - they must share it with the Great Powers...

Little does the Balee Herdsman and Warrior know that his planet is about to be invaded...


  1. Good post, nice use to show the letter B.

  2. It has weirdness in large measures, and the sense of a world about to change. I get the urge for miniatures.

  3. Yeah, I am kinda looking forward to Balee minis too...