Friday, April 29, 2011

At Recon 2011

I am at the convention. I will follow up with the Y and Z posts later in the week. Also, I am teaming up with Scrying Eye to do some demos using their ork town of reverse dungeons. Who doesn't like to play a goblin and beat up the pesky heroes? I am also going to be doing some Traveler demos using his maps. Lots of development on the WTNW front as well as a new secret project! Stay tuned!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

A | Z - X-Facilities Underwater Colonies

The Ameri-British Underwater X-Facilities Colonies have become an attractive destination for rich nobility and tourists alike. There are several sea bases and underwater research facilities which one is able to stay in comfort beneath the waves. The amenities within the underwater research facilities are on par with those offered on terra firma at resorts and country clubs. One can take the time to go on a submarine boat and view the underwater production facilities or just take in the exotic sea life that several thousand fathoms.

Since these bases are working military installations it is not recommended for tourists to stay for extended periods of time but the occasional foray into the deep is encouraged - especially to alumni of Oxford and Cambridge as well as the great learning centers in Rome and Egypt. The Underwater colonies serve as a military submarine base for the might Great Power's undersea vessels and militarily. It should be noted that without proper authorization from the base officials one could find oneself in deep trouble - quite literally.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Under A Rock - Cheating Fairly

We've all been there. You really want your hero to hit that taunting orc but you just keep having bad dice today. What do you do about it?

Well you could roll the die and cheat or you could roll the die, look the DM straight in the eyes and say (without looking at the die result) that you hit the orc. 

It is an impassioned plea to the DM to allow you to hit the orc. As a DM, I would much rather my players do the later than the former. One is cheating but what is the other? 

Is it fair? Is it cheating? Is there a way to cheat fairly?

The DM sometimes fudges rolls, usually in the favor of the player. Sorry guys but we do this a lot. So what happens when  you do it?

Well a few things actually.

If you cheat on your rolls the DM uses the inflated results as a baseline for creating encounters. So while you may be rolling a 28 every time even with your 8 roll on your die at +2 to your skill you really are only hurting yourself and your party because the DM will want to balance out the encounters for your ability. 

When this happens the party faces a big problem because they are not equipped to handle such an encounter. So yeah you're there and your dice fudging might save the day but what happens when you aren't there? Total Party Kill? It's possible. 

Secondly, the DM will eventually catch you cheating. Sure you use those micro dice but you have your buddies sitting next to you and they see what you roll. Also, many DMs I've gamed with have a good memory for numbers and can do some basic calculations in their head to figure out your chances. If you hit every time and you have a +2 to your weapon then they will catch on. Even if they don't catch on, however, you still endanger your party.

So what if I really want to hit? Well you could roll the die and look the DM in the eye and say "I hit!" and hopefully if it isn't a boss fight and you really just need a success then they will let it happen. After all, the game is about heroes and heroes sometimes need the luck to overcome odds. Just remember that when you cheat you not only cheat yourself but you cheat your friends as well. 

A | Z - Wyversburg

Helga watched and listened, the guns from the Ubertod blazing away at the Red Martians.  The mighty airship of the German Tod was a remarkable sight! The large town of Wyversburg situated near the Garmok Cliffs was a beautiful place nestled among the red vegetation of the sea bottom. 

“Get your brothers here. They need to see this!” She said as a monstrous behemoth emerged from beyond the hills its hide covered in Red Martians firing their projectile rifles. “What is that thing?!” Her eldest, Gundar said as the creature rushed toward the Tod.

From the seclusion of the cave, the Red Martians watched the distant battle and waited. Gava had laid the plans out well. Soon they would be ambushing General Dexter von Tod and his general had done well in setting up his troops opposite Gava’s forces. “Soon my brothers and sisters.” The diplomat whispered.  His forces were ready. Now all they had to do was wait.

The Tod was being repaired and Dexter’s forces had formed a line blocking the attacking Red Martians from the valuable airship. Dexter watched it as it ascended and began to move toward Wyversburg. “Good, let’s get out of here. We can take the Behemoth better from the defenses of the town!”

A short time later, Helga and her boys watched the red skies as the Red Martians poured en-masse from the caves opposite Tod’s retreating forces. A massive volley sounded from the Martian bolt throwers and several found their mark among the Tod.

Immediately the inferno engulfed the Ubertod as a missile struck the airship and hit a vital spot in the ballast balloon! The airship came crashing down into the town and exploded into a fireball.

The conflagration was horrible as people ran screaming on fire and burning to death on the streets of Wyversburg. The great airship of the elite German Tod had been destroyed and Wyversburg was in flames. A large piece of the airship hit the residential building – the emblem of the German Cross proudly painted and displayed on its side - it was the last thing Helga and her boys ever saw.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A | Z - Victory

The Great Powers have seen many victories over the years and many defeats as they fought among one another and the other races across the Aether.  Victory has come at a price, however, and many of the people of the great nations have become wary of outsiders. This has caused many to live in isolation within their own colonies or home countries. In times of peace this is especially shown as people tend to travel only within their own country’s sphere of influence. The people are hopeful however that with the new attacker that once victory is achieved the human race will be forged anew and the Great Powers will finally be able to overcome their differences and unite together as a common people. That would be the greatest victory of all.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A | Z - U is for U-Ray "Unseen Rays"

The Unseen Rays from the Sun - called U-Rays by scientists - are harvested in the solar sails that propel the great Aetherships through the folds in the same way that a sailing ship travels on the sea. U-Rays are harvested through the special foil-like material that is embedded in the cloth of the sails. A series of specialized stabilizers allow the craft to  be pushed through the Aether.

Travel in the Aether is not without danger, however, and the U-Rays are so damaging to the sails and Aether Engines that entire engines and full sail compliments have to be overhauled every twenty trips into the Aether or they risk failing. A wise captain of an Aethership regularly performs maintenance on his craft for as is not unheard of U-Ray bursts that are the equivalent of a white squall and an Aethership without prepared and ready sails will soon find itself destroyed by the U-Rays from the sun.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Zyklops On Sale Now!

The Zyklops is on sale now! You can get it from JTFM Enterprises! Jeff will have the site up this weekend! This is an exclusive WTNW model!

Here she is! The Kaiser is quite proud!

DM Help - Sourcebooks

A good company seems to put out at least one sourcebook every three months. Those sourcebooks worth a darn should include new rules, new feats, abilities, items and spells. What’s the problem with this? Well really none except…

Becoming - A Novel of Change

This has nothing to do with gaming but it does have to do with writing.

Some of you may know but I've started a novel. It's a serial killer novel written from the first and third person perspective of a female. Yep. No she's not a slut. She's a mortician well first she was a CEO of an insurance company. It gets complicated but it's good and it's very original. You see there's this tree...

David Huber has also started on our WTNW novel. It's going to be a good one!

A | Z - S is for Salamander Men of Mercury

This letter was found among the dead at the mission station on Mercury.

June 1916
The Salamander men of Mercury are an odd combination of amphibian and man. Neither fully amphibian nor fully mammal they are as intelligent as many typical native species yet seem to have a knack for mimicking languages. While it is true that many scientists hypothesis that the salamander men are only mocking what they hear and are not able to fully understand what they are saying it is this journalist’s viewpoint that the Salamander men are indeed an intelligent race.

July 1916
It is with a duty-bound heart that I have boarded an Aethership to the reaches of Mercury and have taken up with Sister Margret Essex’s mission station. It is there that I hope to help unlock the secrets of the salamander men. So far, they seem very interested in our little mission. It should only be a matter of time before they begin to show up. The big ones have taken an interest in our culture and have started coming to mass.

September 1916
The planet’s atmosphere has started heating at an accelerated rate and the Salamander men seem very agitated by the increased heat. Some of our supplies have gone missing. Sister Margret says we should not blame the indigenous people. She is looking into the Spaniards that we have.

October 1916
We found the Spaniards half eaten over by the unused well. The Salamander men have admitted to eating the Spanish. They have become enraged and have made several attacks against the mission station. Our military men have been able to hold them off – but for how long?

Nosfember 19s6
Ssselll teahh, sttaayyy awayyyy…..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A | Z - T.H.O.R. - An overview of Airship flight in WTNW

Large airships are powered through the air by a mechanical process known as THOR – Turbine Powered Heat Transfer Osmosis Chamber Transceiver Cite Relay.  The process starts with the cloud condensers that are at the bow of ever airship.

The cloud condensers gather the cloud particles into a large cutting array where the ice blades break off chunks of the condensed ice within the atmosphere. The ice blades chop the ice into manageable pieces that are then moved by conveyor into the keel of the airship to the heating chamber.  Should there not be any cloud cover the cloud condenser instead uses the water within its reservoirs to produce an ample supply of water vapor.  

The heating chamber is filled with super-heated air which turns the ice particles into water vapor. This process can take several minutes depending on the heat level of the cite burner in the heat chamber. Once the ice blocks are turned into water vapor the hot air rises into the osmosis chamber located directly above the heat chamber.

The osmosis chamber is made up of several layers of porous sponge that is threaded together with high quality wool. A high yield alcohol is introduced into the osmosis chamber by a soaking process. Once the osmosis chamber is full, a mechanical compress squeezes the entire chamber through a shoot into the cite powered transducer array where the turbine powered props are powered by the process.

In the event that more fuel enters the osmosis chamber than can be utilized, the mixture is expunged through the side vents located at the rear of the ship.

The hot air is also used to fill the ballast balloons to cause the airship to gain and lose altitude. In some models, the ballast balloons are located within the airship behind the protection of its armor although in earlier models the ballast balloon was used more commonly placed underneath the keel between wood and metal blockers to protect against enemy projectiles. 

A | Z - R is for Ray Guns

The Grays advanced on our position as we hid among the dead and the rubble.  Markson shot his rifle and took out two of the Grays, their lifeless eyes showing no regret even as they died for their masters. Then I saw it! It was a giant walking machine!

It was a massive machine, towering over the buildings of the city. From its saucer shaped cockpit the driver watched the carnage it unleashed on our position. The tripod lumped about on three legs and the Grays within used attached arms to pick up my men and smash them into the trees and into the buildings. They knew what they were doing!

We brought the artillery guns to bear. I gave the order to fire and down went one of the machines. The others quickly responded, however and it was soon apparent that they had raised some kind of invisible field of force as our secondary projectiles seemed to disintegrate just outside of the hull of the machines!

Then, suddenly, one of the tripod war machines unlimbered a strange gun. This ray guy vibrated and oscillated and took some time to gain sufficient charge but when it finally did one expulsion of the deadly heat ray destroyed our entire left flank. UALAH AH was the sound it made as it delivered death!

Men were shouting for their lives! Trained hardened men that had seen all manner of conflict and war were reduced to simpering imbeciles. We were doomed!

The above picture is from the upcoming Conflict on Mars! supplement!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A | Z - Queen Seiqua Arruaq of the Atlantians

Deep beneath the waves in her kingdom of gigantic water proof domes lives and rules Queen Seiqua Arruaq – half human and half atlantian. The atlantians are the merfolk of legends of old. They brought many sailors to their doom or by chance saved a few hardy souls. Their krakens – massive beasts of legend – guard the hidden entrances to their underwater colonies. Their colonies are protected not only by the kraken but also by a bioelectric chemical expelled by the atlantian energy feeders. The electrical current that surrounds their cities somehow drains the momentum or increases the friction on any conventional water-born craft causing it to stop dead.

Their gill technology, a bioengineered technology that allows any terrestrial animal to breath the water as if they are breathing the air has often been sought after by the Great Powers.  So far, however, none have been able to wrest the secret from the atlantians. The atlantians have used a similar technology-based mechanical contraption to allow their allies to breath underwater and within their allies submersible vehicles.

The atlantians employ their hydrosteam lances in combat. Equally good at close or ranged combat, the hydrosteam lance calls upon the power of the sea to build up an electric current within the lance itself. The lance holds a powerful electrical coil that is surrounded by water and when expelled the lance fires a deadly projectile of lightning and water at the enemy at very high speeds. To date, no Great Power scientist has been able to duplicate the effects.

The atlantians are one of the most advanced races on or in Earth but seem to prefer isolation to direct involvement in terrestrial matters. They have allied with a few of the Great Powers and provide assistance in helping them control their waterways.

Recently, an envoy was sent into one of their undersea colonies to parley with the Queen regarding the invasion of the Overlords. It was hoped that the atlantians would finally come to realize that the world needed their involvement. So far, however, no one has returned and the Overlord’s invading armies are moving closer and closer to the sea…

A | Z - Prehistoric Life

Having discovered prehistoric life including the dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, the Great Powers put them to use in their individual war machines.

They used the dinosaurs. The Germans employed Velociraptors as scouts and Deinonychus they used as mounted cavalry. The British used the Pterosaur called the Hvern early to patrol the sun scorched Seabottoms on Mars. The Turks saddled the Hadrosaur to survey the swamps of Venus. The French used the giant Apatosaurus and Plesiosaurus to control vast tracks of land and their shipping lanes in Earthin and in the Under Sea Colonies of Atlantis.  The Spanish used flocks of Archaeopteryx as areal messengers and as stealth bomb delivery systems. The people of Earthin used the monoclonius and the triceratops to defend against the raiding airpirates.

They used prehistoric mammals. The Americans and Confederates found use in the wooly rhino and wooly mammoth to act as baggage carriers and as platforms for larger weapons. The Spanish learned how to control the megatherium to act as a sort of siege engine against the fortresses of their enemies. The clever French devised the use of the Terror Birds to be employed as lone wolf hunters. The Germans  used the saber tooth cat smilodon as search and destroy units.

These animals proved to be of use to the great powers but the steam technology of the LLAD and the movable fortressed were still far more superior to even the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Thus, the building of the landship and airship continued well into the Edwardian age until it reached a peak just as the Overlords were invading us…

Monday, April 18, 2011

A | Z - Original Art / Original Miniatures

Original Artwork!
The conflict on Mars book will have original art instead of photographs of games. The art is being done by James of Scrying Eye Games and Eli of I See Lead People. We are working hard to get quality WTNW products to our customers!

Original Miniatures!
We are proud to announce that with association of the packs already available from Rebel Minis and the Zyklops model from JFTM Enterprise we already carry that we are going to have original Infantry poses for the British and Germans. The infantry will be 2-3 poses each unit type with a mixture of advancing and standing poses.

The Conflict on Mars book will be available in May as a pdf download.

The Grays are already available from Rebel Minis and the Zyklops will be available from JTFM soon! The British, Germans and possibly French will be available soon!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Nizam Tallia

The Turkish main force is made up of these battle-hardened fighters. The Nizam Tallia are armed with Jezail rifles and long bladed janbiya. They stand at the front of the battle lines ready to take the fight for Ali to their foes. The Yassim War Baloon and the Scarab Destroyers are also very much part of the Turkish war machine.

With cunning zealotry and savage tactics the Turks are a Great Power of their own right!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A | Z - Miklos

On the shores of a sleepy island in the Mediterranean

Miklos hunkered down in the trench just in front of the tree line. The crashing waves were in front of him and his fellow Crispans - and riding in on them were the landing boats from the Spanish naval ships sitting off the coast.

'Yes, come you dogs,' he thought. 'Our land forces will give you one hell of a fight!'
He knew that the coastal defense ships had been beaten back by the incoming fleet - he only hoped the navy had given as well as it got.

He glimpsed to his right and he could see the single precious Gatling gun that the Crispan government had bought from the Confederate States of America. That, along with a few boxes of rifles and a few old cannons was all that stood between the freedom of his home island and the domination of the Spanish conquistadors.

As the boats made the breakers, the cannons behind his position and the Gatling gun opened up, and he could see the Spaniards making for the beach. The hellfire of the Gatling cut down many of the attackers before they could even get out of the water.

 For a moment, Miklos allowed himself a glimmer of hope that if they could push back strongly enough the Spaniards would be forced to reconsider their desire to make the island one of their territories.

With a loud blast that glimmer was gone as suddenly the bunker where the Gatling gun was became an inferno. Loud whistles, followed cannon blasts behind him, suggested that the cannons were also under a barrage of fire.
It was now, as the fight become more fierce, that Miklos noticed a ship which had come in closer than the others. The thought of it broken on the shallows almost made him smile.


Until - ever so slowly - the ship began to rise up out of the water on enormous metal wheels affixed to the hull below the water line. The ungainly and clumsy craft raised itself up above the water and began to advance onto the beach itself. The landship rained down a hellfire of artillery from its heavier guns, as well as sheets of lead from troopers inside the beast firing from the side portholes.

All around him, Miklos could see his compatriots. The fear was evident on their faces as many dropped their rifles and ran away from the mechanical monstrosity. Elsewhere, the dead lay with the same fearful expression permanently affixed.

In his heart, Miklos wanted to take up his rifle and fight for his freedom, for his nation’s very existence.
His head knew better and he took to flight with the others.

 The battle, like the Island of Crispo's sovereignty, was at an end.

 A new Era among the superpowers had begun.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A | Z - Dr. Langston (LLAD)

Dr. Albert Langston designed and developed the Aether Displacer. The LLAD is a marvel of anthracite coal burning technology that uses the Aether knots and breaks in the coal and uses a white fire distilling technique in the furnace to produce more energy than is normally produced from burning coal.

The LLAD has been modified over the years to include additional clockwork machinery to include the perpetual motion machine, tesla coils and the combustion engine. These devices when coupled together in a seemingly endless array of means, are able to generate ample force to create air stream bubbles and current filters thereby allow for the movable fortresses on the land and air as well as Aether travel to other planets.

The LLAD and the early contributions of Dr. Langston should never be forgotten else all is lost and we will surely go back to the Dark Ages when men relied on animals instead of their own ingenuity to get them from place to place.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Kvane

Eons ago this race left a planet. They had exhausted the planet's resources. Not through technology or through over use, they devoured it. These immortals resemble tall lanky humans. They are completely bald and have deep-set, slitted bright red eyes. The source of many vampire legends on Earth they have existed for ages in the shadows of society - never actually making full contact with Earth - taking food as they needed it.

These creatures feed through the hollow points at the ends of any of their six oversize canines. The Kvane travel in Darkships which eat through the aether leaving gaps in reality as they pass. A serious hazard to shipping and commercial aether lanes the Kvane have been blamed for unknown disappearances of entire aetherships of the Great Powers.

Next to nothing is known about their anatomy as only one survivor has ever lived to tell the tale of the attack. This man's identity, race and nationality is kept secret. Some members of the Great Powers theorize that the Overlord Skvani and the Kvane could be ancient enemies which could be of use to the known worlds. Of course the possibility also exists that should the Kvane and the Skvani actually have a war with one another the casualty could be reality itself.

The Kvan are part of the ever expanding world of WTNW.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DM Advice - Creating Ecologies Not Static Environments Pt III

In the last examples, we listed that the Sewer is underground, has only three entrances, and is probably filled with some aquatic animals (maybe a gator or two) and some mushrooms and fungi. The sewer could be used as a hideout for a gang of thieves, as a place for cult meetings or as a lair for aquatic humanoids. We listed that the Backyard is aboveground, surrounded by a fence, has two entrances, a pool deck and a patio, and is probably filled with some small mammals, small reptiles and the occasional hedge or tree.  The backyard could be used for shady deals or as a clandestine meeting place as well as an open-air market place.

This week we look at the  types of inhabitants for the sewer and how they might interact.

A | Z Challenge - Jupiter - Air Queen of Jupiter -

The Ice Queen sits upon her palace in the skydome over the noxious gases of Jupiter. Several floating cities surround the palace. The cities are made up of the crystal-like flora of Jupiter that grows into giant trees with massive orbs at the end of its branches. The roots of the trees go deep into the actual surface of Jupiter but since no one has ever actually made it back from an expedition to the surface the Air Queen’s Royal scientists are unable to discern exactly how they are tethered to the group.

She maintains a fleet of airships that are deployed around Jupiter and its many moons. Only the hydrowhales live on Jupiter and they eat a diet of mainly pores air flora.  The hydrowhale and its relatives live within the gas sea sky of Jupiter. The Air Queen’s Royal Air Patrol uses them as mounts. A breathing apparatus allows the gas mixture to be transformed by means of a well-kept scientific process to enable the riders to breath the noxious air.

The moons are home to a variety of human-like species and the Air Queen rules them as part of her expansive empire around Jupiter. The airships previously mentioned are not only used in protection but they are also used to ensure that there are no risings or rebellions against the Air Queen’s absolute authority. The hydrowhales are used as ferries between the moons of Jupiter as are the airships. The people of the moons of Jupiter either love or hate their Queen.

The secrets of the Air Queen and the Hydrobeasts will be revealed in a future supplement of WTNW: Air Queen of Jupiter.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Invaders

The Invaders came from outside the Earth. They came at first in cylinders that slammed into the rural areas around England, Austria, Spain and the United States. Quickly following the cylinders however were saucers manned by the Grays. The Overlords soon began assembling their tripod fighting machines and there was war that spanned the planet. This war was different for the Great Powers because the war was not for territory or resources but for the very survival of the human race. 

A | Z Challenge - Hvern

The Hvern is a pterodactyl-like creature that lives in the rookeries of the Gaal on Mars.  This reptile reaches wingspans of twelve feet and can be as large as ten feet long with a slender torso. The vestigial appendages that form the creatures fingers are elongated to form their wings.

Hvern are mostly carnivorous subsisting on a diet mainly of smaller reptiles that live on the sea bottoms. They live in small flocks of about ten to thirty individuals and breed in the summer when the Martian sun is at its apex. These creatures are used as areal cavalry by the savage races on Mars including the Gaal.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A | Z Challenge - French Noblewoman

Not to be trusted in WTNW.

   Late in the year of 1872, after months of intense effort began to develop a working plan, Captain De Medco felt he had given his country an advantage and had developed a legacy for his children.  Still, his heart was not satisfied and he felt something was missing after his wife of thirteen years had passed away. 

Fortunately for the captain, a young French noblewoman with long blonde locks and a ravishing body wooed him.  The affair only lasted weeks, but it devastated the lives of all involved.  Spanish authorities discovered that the young woman was a spy working for the court of Napoleon III.  

When the Spanish government learned of the affair through their own spy network, they court-martialed Juan De Medco.  He was convicted of espionage and treason and locked in a Spanish prison where he awaited execution.     

A | Z Challenge - Gaal

These green-skinned, hawk-like people have feathers instead of hair.  They are human-sized, averaging between 5 and 6 feet tall, and weighing between 100 to 140 pounds.  Savage and cruel, they delight in manipulating one another.  

They live in large groups, or flocks, of up to two thousand individuals.  These flocks dwell in cliff-side colonies, which are run like dictatorships.  Though not an intellectual people for the most part, their vicious political maneuvering shows their cunning and savagery, and they are very good at sabotage and espionage.  

Riding into combat on their carnivorous three-tusked, two-mouthed, Zkor (Martian War Beast) they represent all that is bestial and savage on Mars. 

A to Z and Dizzy

I've been away the past few days because I got very dizzy at work and went home sick. I took off yesterday and stayed home. They gave me some pseudoephedrine and I am feeling better and am back at work. Unfortunately, the A to Z : F and G will have to be written later and I may have to delay Making Realistic Environments by a week. I will have to wait and see what time I get.

For now though Jeff completed the Zyklops.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Expansions (for WTNW)

From Martians to Airpirates to Inner-Earth (Earthin) the When the Navy Walked game was written from the get-go as a game that you can expand! The first expansion will be the upcoming Conflict on Mars which features the Martians (both HG Wells types and ERB types) as well as some specials from the team at ACG. The setting takes place on a war-torn Mars and the Overlords watch and wait. The setting is full of new rules and scenarios.

The Airships and Airpirates game expansion will follow sometime later in the year. This expansion features rules for airship to airship only combat or can be mixed with the core rules and ground battles to give the game a truly 3d experience!

A Venus/Mercury supplement will cover the dinosaurs on Venus and the salamandermen of Mercury. This will be a supplement that will continue the background story of wtnw but will also give players more rules options. 

The Earthin and Atlantis book will feature the Inner Earth and the mystery of the Atlantians. Rules for dino battles and some more history and background on the airpirates. Adventures in Earthin and under the sea will be the focus of this supplement.

A Skirmish game will follow sometime next year and we have other surprises in store such as a pulp League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type game using the Pulp Alley rules and some other supplements and rules in the fire that are still being bandied about that may include work with other famous companies.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WTNW Damage and Unit Tracking Counters

We know it can be hard to keep track of all the internal damage, casualties and hits units take during a normal game of WTNW. We also know it can be a pain to write down orders. This is why we have uploaded some damage and unit tracking counters on wargamevault. These are a free game aid that allows the players to use for order counters, damage counters and condition markers. To use the counters, follow the instructions for printing them that is shown on the sheets. Enjoy!

A | Z Challenge - Dr. Hopper

Dr. Hopper drilled to the center of the world in a massive landship that had the addition of a gigantic dilling head on the front nose. The machine tunneled past the crust and mantle to the very heart of the Earth. The journey was hazardous and there were some casualties among them Chip the Chimp who had become a favorite companion of Dr. Hopper's daughter Veronica.

Once at the core they found another world. Dr Hopper called this world Earthin. The world actually contained a sky and atmosphere of its own that was created from the geothermal activity. The water vapor from the geothermal activity produced large clouds that formed in the sky. Rain, hail and even sometimes violent thunderstorms precipitated from these condensed clouds.

At the center of this world was a massive sea that contained prehistoric reptiles and fishes. Lush Jurassic forests contained the flora and fauna of that period including the dinosaurs. There were Mountains and Rivers, steams and valleys, deserts and swamps all the terrain of Earth.

After some exploration Dr Hopper learned that Earthin was inhabited. The people in Earthin were divided into large tribal communities and some were almost as big as the nations topside. Dr. Hopper and his team spent many months learning, cataloging, exploring and living in Earthin.

Then the Air Pirates came...

Monday, April 4, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Capital Units

Airships and Landships are movable fortresses that are called Capital Units in the world of When the Navy Walked. They are the pride of the Great Powers and are used a platforms of conquest and terror. Most Capital Units have multiple aether displacers and anthracite coal burners that enable them to move faster, further. 

It takes men to run these great beasts - lots of them. A normal airship would have a compliment of at least 100 souls that operate the inner workings of the beast. It is the responsibility of the people in the pilot house to ensure that the craft is level and flies smoothly. It is the responsibility of the person in navigation that the great aetherships navigate through the blanket-like folds of the aether without error. It is the responsibility and duty of the gunners to take it to the enemy. There are people within the housing of the great steam works and it is the master mechanic that keeps the entire mobile fortress aloft.

The Capital Unit is the pinnacle of achievement for the Great Powers and to destroy one is to bring shame upon the army that employs it. The Capital Unit is for many a symbol of pride and a symbol of authority. May those that have the honor of working within one of these great machines truly be warriors!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Chronicles of the Six - The End

In this finale episode our heroes deliver the final blow to the Rot Lord and learn his true name before dancing with the gods and sending the evil that has risen in Faerun to oblivion.
A Landshark has made his lair under the sands he grabs whisper and attempts to flee with his meal

Somewhere in the sands waits the entrance to the tomb of the Rot Lord where Merkul and his twelve children wait. While the Wolf Lord moves to uncover the secrets of the Shadowlord and N'Thoh and her band moves to take on the Nightlord.

At the entrance to the Sphnix

They find the dead bodies of Eliminster, Khelben and Ravana Ravenclaw of the Goldenspeck. The Ancient Sage, the Master of Waterdeep and the Ancient Gold Wyrm.

As our heroes play the harps mummies rise from the sands to defend the entrance
Will our heroes stand with the gods or will they fall and with them the last hopes of a world?

...and the tales of the heroes of the Chronicles of the Six is recorded in legend...
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Balee

The Balee are a savage, honor-bound race of wolfish beastmen who live on Mars. They circumvent the globe yearly and are known for their large herds of Zkor, large elephantine creatures who rival the wooly mammoth in size and ferocity, that they have somewhat domesticated to use as mounts. The Balee are a proud race that sees running from a fight as the ultimate in cowardice.

One Balee noted in particular as he defeated a Gaal, a terrorbird-like man called another of Mars' inhabitants, as he pulled his sword gun from his chest on the battlefield that his people struggled against peace. These mighty warriors who excel in the sport of fighting hand to hand and in the ways of the Martian beasts move as if a Red Sandstorm.

Alas, the Balee are not the rulers of the great planet and so they must remain content to share the power with the Reds, the Greens and the Whites and unbeknown to the proud Balee as smoke clouds from large Aetherships appear over the horizon of the Red Planet one bearing a Union Jack and another an Iron Cross - they must share it with the Great Powers...

Little does the Balee Herdsman and Warrior know that his planet is about to be invaded...

WTNW - The Martians Are Coming!

James Miller over at Scrying Eye games just finished the Martian cover for ACG002 When the Navy Walked - Conflict on Mars! I must say that I like the reoccurring theme. Available soon.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Vietnam - A Tale of two Firebases

Tonight I setup a really cool layout for a Vietnam firebase in a valley between some high hills and low hills. To do this I used the main firebase (Houston) and set it on one side of the table and setup another much smaller firebase (Dust) on the opposite side.

I put a platoon in each firebase and a base HQ in the main firebase. 

A | Z Challenge - Aether

The Aether was explored early on. The great minds of the world worked together to create a small gravity well around the primitive airships. Up, up they sent brave and courageous explorers into the aether beyond the atmosphere.

The atmosphere in the aether is not hospitable for the life of man. Conquering our fears we had yet to conquer the wild folds of the dark aether. The men yearned for an adventure even as they struggled for breath.

It was through the gasps of these first heroes breaths that true freedom was born and within ten years we had begun exploring the secrets of the veil of the universe that we call the aether.

WTNW introduces Bunnies!

The newest addition to our WTNW family is Fluffy Bunnies! That's right. Now you too can cause your opponent to become so completely enamored with cuteness with the Fluffy Bunny. There's more!

The Edge: Kill Them With Kindness has been specifically created for your bunny army. It only costs 2 points per stand and causes the opponent to have to make a Command Check or they must start gushing in admiration of the cuteness.

The bunny however is subject to the opponents edge:Rabbit Season which also costs 2 points per stand and causes any unit with Kill Them With Kindness to automatically lose one stand anytime this unit is within its shooting range.

The person with the Rabbit Season has to say "ahahahwah we're huntin wabbits" or the person with the fluffy bunnies automatically gets to call in the Cadbury Bunny who demolishes the Rabbit Season foxes and causes much despair.

Get it now!

5th Edition D&D

Errant's blog is giving us an insight to the future of 5th edition dnd. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to getting my MegaFeats for my Crimson Seagullin Wild Goat Nexus Shaman!

CoTS - The Sands - Part I

The Sands - Somewhere in the deserts near Calimport waits an ancient evil. Hidden. Malice. It's influence has saturated the land. A brother in darkness to the Night Lord. Our heroes now venture towards this evil to defeat him and to find their destiny.

Can Ariadine, Grusk, Kreek, Whisper, Tealeaf, and Marcus find the tomb of the Rot Lord and defeat his evil? Do they have what it takes to bring life back to the entropy that has become Calimshan? Or will our heroes fall like so many others to the powers of corruption? Find out!

This game will be podcasted

This is the beginning of the end of the campaign for the Chronicles of the Six heroes. We'll be moving on to play Kingmaker using the Pathfinder rules after the culmination of the game.

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