Monday, March 14, 2011

Zyklops Nearing Construction

The Kaiser's engineers have done it! The Zyklops after toiling for months in the fabrication yards  is ready to defend our lands in Africa from the meddling British! The Zyklops armored fortress is a heck of a landship! The first model - The Gufflemark is surely going to make a difference to our fighting men!

She tough but she also has teeth! This beat is armed with four large medium artillery grade guns which are housed in two sponsons to either side of the and one massive cannon at the front. There are also plenty of firing ports and a balcony for our boys to rain down fire volleys at our enemies and keeping them safe at the same time.

A marvel of engineering prowess, the Zyklops features four LLADs mounted in a central line with a kelmight citeburner power plant for central distribution. This enables the landship to reach speeds that rival that of some calvarymen.


  1. That's very pretty and getting more and more tempting.

  2. Wait until he's done with the rivets and the rest of the final fixes!