Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WTNW Quick Play Rules Coming Soon!

There is a quick play version coming out that really gets into the nitty gritty of what you can and cannot do in the game. I tried to be as specific as I could with the rules. This will be a pdf initially for $5 but if/when I do the print version it will be $20.00. The book only contains rules (no fluff or building rules) and the british and german armies in WTNW with the associated edges/flaws. The other edges/flaws and rules were left out specifically from the Quick Play.

There are four scenarios that have map support that take place during the Africa Land Grab between the British and German forces in South Africa for a special mineral that burns more efficient than coal. Thusly, the Great Powers want it!

Porky over at The Expanse will be reviewing these rules just as he had the Core rules. I have decided to let Tas over at Yours in a White Wine Sauce be the first to review the Conflict on Mars setting. Onward lads to victory!

Thanks to James over at Scrying Eye games for the cover design and interior maps. Joey Caso for the layout and of course Jim over at Arsenale Shipworks and Eli Arndt over at I See Lead People for the interior artwork! Finally, a hearty thank you to my Editor in Chief J Womack over at Victoria Boys in Red.

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