Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why Campaigns End

I stand corrected - they never got to the farm.
Sadly it is the possible temporary end of the Tuesday Night bi-weekly dnd group. (I am told it is on hold any takers?)

The person who played the first cleric had too many games and had to bow out. The player of the rogue bowed out because of the driving distance. The person who played Leah went to Mobile, AL because he could not find work out here in Jax in avionics. The person who plays the druid had a baby recently and rightfully so has stayed home with his girl. My wife has a lot on her plate and understandably has had to drop all Tuesday night gaming. Finally, gas prices has forced the last two individuals to stop coming. Even with the gas they pretty much think again rightfully so that a game just cannot happen with just two people.

Thusly - the Saga of the Nightlord - Rise of the Fallen Star Temporarily Ends -

Epilogue - ...and so Baronet Lavindra N'Toth, DD, Fawlyn, Viet, Leah and company defeat the enemy at the tower destroying a very serious power base for the Nightlord forcing him to concentrate his efforts further north of Deepingdale towards Daggerdale where the Agents of the one known as Galin wait for the opportune time to strike back at the dark forces.

Perhaps reluctant heroes of fortune may prove the undoing of the evil of the Nightlord? The valiant efforts of those united under the banner of N'Toth and Queen Brennon have driven the Nightlord from their lands.

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