Monday, March 21, 2011

Walker and Robots!

Extra, Extra! Her Majesty (God Bless Her!) has sent out a prototype Smythe Walker to confront the infernal mechanical robots that the Martians use as scouts. Reports have already started coming back from the front that the rapid fire gatling gun has been making minced meat - err robot - out of the enemy. The Queen (God Bless Her) is eager to see how the walker meets up against their blasted Tripod War Machines.

The Walker is from Black Hat's Martian Empire's Line and the Robots are from Hydra Miniatures. Both were purchased from Scale Creep.


  1. I think so too. J got one and posted it on his site and so decided to talk with Mark about getting one myself. I highly recommend both the miniatures and the rules for ME. Of course I also recommend WTNW but then I they did a great job with ME.