Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday Game Night - Format Change

Since we lost a few people due to driving and job related changes we decided last night to make the Bi-Weekly Tuesday game that was Against the Heroes a generic game night. We all felt it was time to go ahead and start playing some of those board games that we've had laying around for so long collecting dust. Besides, for me both of the games actually ended at a good point in the Nightlord Saga. The AtH game ended with the 'bad guys' giving the 'semi good guys' the blade that they needed to defeat the Nightlord - the Culin de Sanguine - and the Rise of the Fallen Star game destroyed the Nightlord's tower that he was using to channel his magic to rise his brothers. So all in all both groups accomplished exactly what they needed to do to get the story to a finale. Now it's up to the last few sessions of the CoTS group to put Faerun back where it started.

I opted for the group to check out Zombies! It's a fast-fun easy-to-play board game that is setup exactly like a fire person shooter. I had a collection of zombie clowns and glow in the dark zombies that I had not used for a some time as well as Zombies Second Edition! and Zombies 4! The End but I had a shiny new unopened copy of Zombies 5! Schools out Forever. Funny that Zombies 4! The End wasn't really the end but that's another story. On to the game AAR!.

The first game we played was the Schools Out Forever! and Rob and his wife Jez really took to the game like a fish to water. Which I suppose is much better than to taking it to it like a giraffe to water or a fish to the Serengeti but I digress. At any rate this game was played in about an hour. The game adds a new twist called Guts. The Guts tokens represent your ability to handle yourself in combat. If you roll a 1 in combat, you lose a Gut token and if you roll a 6 you gain a Gut token. Depending on how many Guts tokens you have you get to keep/draw that many event cards. The event cards are things like "Go to the Administration Building" or "I've got a bike" or the one that Rob got which he had great fun with called "I have a bat!" I couldn't help myself and quoted Gallagher "You're going in the field with the enemy keep the stick of wood!"

For some reason the object of the Zombies 5! Schools Out Forever is the same as Zombies! get to the helipad and escape OR be the first to get 25 zombies. Now you might be asking yourself, self what school has a helipad? Well don't worry because we did too. The game plays very fast and you use bullets to sharpen your rolls or lose  hearts as you lose combats against zombies. Your friends plays cards to hinder you, help you or to help themselves. Most of the time everyone plays whatever is in their best interests. So anyway who won? I did. I got to the Helipad actually last but Rob was busy fighting the zombies and well Jez had to go to the Administration building twice...

Then we decided to play the Zombies! 4 The End game. In this one there are zombie dogs which are only killed on a 5 or 6 as opposed to the 4-6 with normal zombies. There can be two in a space and they move two spaces a turn. WOW! The good thing is that they only do half heart damages.

So the object of this game is to get to the cabin and perform the spell of unmaking by clearing out the zeds and rolling a 6. You need to get pieces of the book of the undead. Somewhere my pieces are floating around in Johnny's box or somewhere else. I do not have any as we later found out. That's OK because early on when we figured this out I said "Well just roll a 4+ as if everyone had two pieces of the book already".

Quickly I will go over the highlights. Jez turned herself into a werewolf and ate rob and I twice. I tried to play it tactical and moved myself far away from everyone else only to find the pet cemetary and to which there's this nifty card that places nine zombie dog cards on the board. They played one on me and for the heck of it I played the other because the cabin had already been found and my only hope was getting 25 zombie dogs. I actually had the 'Fully Loaded' card which states that you get to get as many life and bullet tokens as your opponent does. This is a good thing since I was down to 1/2 life and one bullet. I actually didn't do badly either. I had killed twenty zombie dogs total including previous combats when I finally fell to the onslaught of the pet cemetary zombie dogs.

Anyway Rob moved in and performed the spell but I guarded the cabin as a werewolf. Then Jez showed up and it got really fun. I was transported to another tile by another card effect and then Rob won. Good game overall and lots of fun. Next time we're doing Twilight Imperium,


  1. Sounded like good fun and adapting to keep a game always works as long as fun is had, never played Zombies but sounds interesting.

  2. @Angry: Man! You should have seen all of those zombie dogs attacking me in the pet cemetery. I have some pics at home I'll try to post later.