Friday, March 4, 2011

Thunderchild Mini Game

Now that I have learned that ERB and HG Wells properties are largely common usage I am really excited about doing some specific games geared toward the specific stories of War of the Worlds and John Carter. Great stuff!

I am thinking a Thunderchild minigame. Who wants to be the ship?


  1. I'll be the Zyklops batallion behind the Tripods! I just bought the pdf by the way, and can't wait to get a hard copy when my FLGS carries it!

  2. I´ll be the ship...great courage and sacrifice in the face of massive adversity (and an excellent song on the WOW album :-D)
    Nice looking Alien walkers...what make are they?

  3. @atom hey that's a great idea. If you want the hard copy and your store doesn't get it you can get it from me.

    @Paul I have been wanting to get my hands on that since Ifirst heard about it. I assume you mean Jeff Wayne wow. Great is your courage sir

  4. dont forget to make stats for all the armies of barsoom ! !