Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading Late? - There is an App For that!

With my new Evo from Sprint I have started really using the feature of the ereader apps. So far I've used only the Kindle app but I have installed the Nook app and plan on using it as well. Something about the epub format really appeals to me. I'm an on-the-go IT Auditor for my 'real job' and I also partake in 'field missions' when I get the chance. Then there's the conventions for gaming - sometimes I am a vendor and sometimes I just go to run demos of various games.

The bottom line is I travel a great deal and it is not always feasible or realistic what with today's airline baggage fees to carry books with me. Sure I do carry one or two books with me onto the plane but nothing like the encyclopedia of knowledge necessary for a game designer or for a DM. I have a good deal of rpg books in pdf that either I scanned or I purchased scanned copies.

So now I've been using these apps for my enjoyment of reading. So far I've read Common Sense and have started Treasure Island. Two books that I have never actually before read in their entirety. I think this might be a whole new way for me to experience the written word.

I know for me my wife usually goes to sleep a little bit before I'm ready but I go to bed with her because that's what we like to do and sometimes she crashes out early and sometimes we read a bit together. Sunday and Monday night I was afforded a great opportunity and was able to stay up reading using my Evo even after my wife went to bed. I was able to enjoy her company and lay by her in the bed but thanks to the back light, sepia, white or black color features of the app I was able to also participate in one of my favorite joys of all - I was able to read!

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