Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Tripods!

I now have the Martian Empire tripods and the steam tank together. A friend of mine suggested I give the tripods a dark wash. I opted instead to drybrush them with black. Now they look more 'used'. I am thinking I will go with a similar scheme with the Martian Empire tripods. Does anyone else know tripod models I could get? I am very interested in obtaining several variants of models of the tripod.

Tripods with black drybrush


Martian Empires with Rebel Minis 15mm aliens for scale comparison

Martian Empires Steam Tank w 15mm Brits for comparison


  1. Nice paint job! Are those Black Hat British?

  2. No these are older models. I think they are the old ral partha models. The bh line is 18mm these are 15mm.