Friday, March 4, 2011

Verne RPG by BTRC Games

I just received a very nice email from Greg over at BTRC Games  who has put together a RPG that looks like it is going to be a smashing good time! At this time I have not yet submitted my final report of this wonder to the Queen but I will endevour to review this product and then give my thoughts. So far this looks very promising!

Product Blurb:

Men of steel in the age of steam. Victorian science fiction and steampunk for EABA. Battle dirigibles, Cavorite, steamtroops, dinosaurs, Martians, Selenites, mad scientists, clacking Babbage engines, the works. Verne starts off with the historical Victorian Era and then merges it with the fiction of Jules Verne, H.G.Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs and others to create a seamless alternate history that the adventurers get to shape and be part of. Verne can be as stiff-upper-lip fictional or Victorian Era grimy as you like, with detailed historical and cultural information, half a dozen adventures and numerous plot-centered NPC's and gadgets.

Verne is nearly 220 pages of steampunk with the traditional BTRC attention to detail. Also available for Verne: A free interactive character creator for Verne, and a map pack with nearly 20 adventure locations, including an annotated interactive map of London.

Finally the art is amazing! Just check out Thunderchild's last voyage.


  1. That artwork is excellent, I think I saw more of it on a steampunk blog I follow.

  2. Has anyone played this system before? I know Verne is new but the EABA system is not.