Monday, March 14, 2011

Martian Red Weed

I've been listening to the HG Wells War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne. If you have not heard it I highly recommend it! Also, I've been reading HG Wells War of the Worlds on my Evo. I am really liking the whole story. It's funny because the parson had a point when he said that the Martians were evil. They sure are. They are particularly evil to the farmers and other growers because they leave behind their red weed. It is with the red weed in mind that I tried a few different ways to create this terrain concept idea that HG Wells wrote about in his book.

Concept one is using Spanish Moss and painting it with acrylic paints of various shades of red. I used apple barrel colors for this. 

Concept two is using the aquarium plants that come in the bags that you can get at your local pet store. I used my hands and pulled apart some strands of the red aquarium plant. I didn't do anything other than trim it up a bit.

Concept three is using the cake decoration grass that is available from any cake decoration store. I spray painted these with high gloss red to get this effect.

The final concept is to use the breeding grass that is used for breeding fishes that you can pick up at your local aquarium store. This was also spray painted with high gloss red.

What is your favorite? Do you have another idea?


  1. I like option one, its more how I imagined it and as it is in the graphic novel versions of the story.

  2. The first one is the best but needs to be shinier/bloodier, the last one is not bad either.

  3. You could also look at dyed lichen if you wanted to.It tends to give more of a creeping plant effect

  4. @kaptianmors - I have not read the graphic novels. Thanks for pointing them out!

    @Angry - I agree that it is too dull. I may need to use some kind of dye.

    @DLI - Say that's a great idea! What types of dye could I use? Would food coloring work or should I go for the clothing dye?

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I really am enjoying this project.

  5. Option one is my favorite as well, but option four is not bad.

  6. I spraypainted the aquarium plant yesterday with the blood red paint and it looks pretty good. I do not have any pics here with me. I will do the same with the Spanish Moss. It really is a pineapple family tree ya know.