Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Maiden Launch of the Übertod

The Flagship of the Tod under the command of General Dexter Von Tod of the German crack squad of elite strasstroopen has been launched! The air death reigns over the skies while raining death upon the enemies of the Kaiser! The Prussians and Austrians agree that the Übertod is a marvelous air machine of flying death.

This craft is powered by four turbine mini-LLADs that are suspended under the war gondola. Troopers can use any of the access hatches to fire their rifles from above the airship or one of the multiple portholes to fire through the sides at their enemies underneath. This airship also features bombs and a massive cannon that is capable of delivering deadly attacks to both air and land targets.


  1. The Ubertod looks great!! Its neat that you could get the umlaut over the U in Ubertod...hehehee. I like the Prussian crosses too. The 4 turbines are a very nice touch as well. Dad. Happy Hunting General Dexter von Todd.

  2. Nice use of the Denny's Rocket Cup!

    I may have to copy that. I swear I have one of those laying about here somewhere still.

  3. That's a really nice piece. I can't remember having seen a lot of models like that^^.

  4. Thanks Dad. I was not sure if had the crosses correct.

    J - I used the other one as the MK I rocket ship. It is in the WTNW Core book.

    Dr Willett - Hey thanks! This was a lot of fun. I did it up using some spare parts I had from toys. Also one unfortunately soldat had to lose his legs so I could show him popping out of the top of the access hatch.