Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking Upstream (Porky's Blogwalk 4)

WOW! That water was tasty but has left you in a strange state. You leave your body behind and follow the stream towards it source. Your body will be fine. The horse creatures did not appear threatening and the your stuff seems well guarded at the bank of the stream. The reeds and water flora begin to take on more pastel colors as you follow the stream onward through the twists and turns of its course.

Finally, after some time you arrive at a small pond that is teeming with fish. The surface of the water sparkles and underneath the water you see hundreds of shiny fish. The fish appear to give off a variety of pastel colors and you feel a slight electric current emanating in a low hum from the banks of the pond.

The stream does not end at the pond and as you follow it with your eyes you can see the bluish color of a nearby sea. Strangely, you cannot smell the salt in the air. Cautiously, you weigh your options.

Gaining your courage you reach into the pond?  OR You jump into the pond hoping to clear your mind?

OR You leave the pond and continue following the stream towards the ocean that lay beyond?

OR Return to where your body lies unguarded at the stream

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