Sunday, March 20, 2011

Into the woods - Porky's Blogwalk

You decide at that moment you must get further into the woods and although the trees around look bare you can see some large living sentinels further in the distance. At once you strike out into the unknown and decide to leave your pursuer far behind.

After a bit of traveling you get to the verdant trees, oaks, maples and even the smell of fresh pine trees welcome you with their bouquet of aromas. Getting a closer look at one of the trees you feel something artificial about them and placing your hand on one of the pine trees you feel something cold-like metal. Knocking on the tree results in a vibration that sends an angry family of birds and a squirrel flying from the top of the tree. Looking around you can clearly see signs of wildlife and a family of small white dexter rabbits cross in front of the path.

You are feeling hungry and momentarily think about going for the rabbits when up ahead in a clearing you see a single stump. Judging from the sheer girth of the stump it once belonged to a mighty tree. Something about the stump has you intrigued.

Do you check out the stump?
Go Rabbit Hunting?
Head back to the stream bed?


  1. This post gets me excited, and the urge to explore is strong. Here's that better destination for the stream link. It's specifically for the return from this location.

  2. Thanks! Updated. BTW do you skype?

  3. I'm a little late with the answer - I did a while back, but I'd have to look into it now and maybe set it up again.

    I have a weird wabbit: