Wednesday, March 9, 2011

(Into the Clearing) Porky's Fantasy Blogwalk

You go down into the fold of the land deciding to leave the canopy of trees behind. As you head down you see there is a nice meadow of colorful wildflowers in the clearing. The fold opens to reveal a small bubbling stream that gently meanders through the wildflower meadow. Several medium-sized horse-like creatures prance through the wildflower meadow. They pay no heed as you approach them. Further down past the meadow you see an old stone bridge that crosses the stream that leads towards a rising hill.

From here you can either go to the stream and explore or you can head to the bridge.

Explore the Stream OR Go to the Bridge OR (Go to the Bridge Alternate)

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  1. I vote for exploring the stream ...

  2. Now we can explore the stream:

  3. The way to the bridge is open...

  4. C'nor has other thoughts on that bridge:

  5. Could you switch the link to my bridge post for this new one?

    The creatures are gathering...