Thursday, March 17, 2011

HG Wells, ERB, Jules Verne - Fathers of VSF

Arguably the masters and pioneers of Vsf, these gentlemen are known for stories that inspired many to go out and create their own realms. I am willing to bet that many of us have read most of their books but how many have read all of their works? Between Verne, Wells and Burroughs we should have a good number though.

Everyone list the VSF books you've read. Whoever has read twelve or more wins a copy of the Quick Rules. Likewise, anyone who's seen twenty or move films/books together with the VSF description and can name them wins a copy.

This will do two things. It will get the word out about WTNW and put the rules in the hands of people who love vsf and it will help us share the films/books that we have all loved and adored as children and adults that have the vsf theme. Yes we can include steampunk too. Series are however counted as one so John Carter of Mars, The Princess of Mars and Chessmen of Mars count as one for the purposes of this contest.

Whoever has wins a free pdf of our quickplay rules. Since we are all gentlemen I will believe your word. God bless the Queen.

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  1. Hmm glancing over the bookshelves of the genre that i have read i see:
    1. journey to the centre of the earth
    2. 20,000 leagues under the sea
    3. from the earth to the moon
    4. the war of the worlds (about a dozen times, i have quite a few different copies)
    5. the time machine
    6. the first men in the moon
    7. the invisible man
    8. when the sleeper wakes
    9. the valley of spiders (if you count a short-story collection?)
    10. about half the john carter of mars books so far (books 3,4,7,8,9,11)
    Hmmm what am i forgetting...
    11. Conan Doyle's Challenger stories in The Lost World & other stories.
    Hmmm thats me run out of classics. But you say steampunk counts too? Oh well then here goes...
    12. Sherlock Holmes' War of the Worlds by Manly W. Wellman and Wade Wellman.

    Hmm that was tougher than i thought. And of course you may not count the short story collections. Looking back over the list i notice a couple of titles i have but have not yet read (christopher priests the space machine and two of ERBs Venus books) and a few i really do need to obtain (particularly more Verne and Wells). And what ever happened to my copy of the island of dr moreau? It seems to be missing.