Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Poll Expansion - What should Martian Tripods Have for WTNW Skirmish?

When there's an active poll running about once a month on a Friday I like to give people the ability to expand upon their answers on the poll. This is a new column I am calling Friday Poll Expansion.

Thank you for participating in the poll for the Martian tripod weaponry. I really want to get a good feel of what people would like to see so that when we do start building the rules and later the models we are able to offer options that are within the scope of the expectations of our possible customers.

I noticed in the poll that a good deal of people like just the heat ray and black gas projectors. I am right there with you on that as I am a bit of a purist when it comes to the WoTW Martians. However, I noticed some of you said that you would like to see small arms as well. What exactly would this entail? How do you vision small arms being used? Would this be plasma or laser based or perhaps some kind of projectiles? I'd love to get your feedback! This is an exercise in thoughts and ideas nothing more.

Remember there are seven days to vote your thoughts before the poll ends!

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