Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Eve of War - Finalized Painting of the ME Tripods and Steamtank

These were a lot of fun to paint up! I used a dark black primer (I couldn't resist - the can actually says DARK Black) followed by a heavy drybrush of apple barrel silver over the entire beast. I painted the tenticles and main gun with the silver using a normal technique. The cockpit of the tripod was painted with a hunter green from applebarrel and a thin strip of lighter applebarrel leaf green. I next used the GW chainmail to drybrush the joints of the tripod and added a brassy brass from Vallejo paints to the joints to show a bit of wear and tear. I also added some GW chainmail drybrush to the top of the tripod cockpit to give it a burnished look. The entire piece will be coated with matte sealer.

The Steamtank was primed with Dark Black (That still gets me) and then followed with a drybrush of applebarrel silver and GW chainmail. The boiler was painted with a brass color and then a darker bronze was applied heavily as a drybrush over the entire vehicle. The guns were all painted brass and finished with a bit of silver. I will go back and line with white and yellow to bring some highlights out on the steam tank before it's all said and done.


  1. Very nicely done and painted, dark black even better than normal black:D

  2. The walkers do look good..Maybe a bit too much for thunderchild :-D
    I did mean Jeff wayne

  3. @Angry - Thank you. Yes I think that the dark black really brings out the darkness in the tripods.

    @Paul - I want to get a copy of Jeff Wayne's on DVD or CD. Do you know of any that plays in the states? His site says that it was never made in region 2 (or whatever our region is here in the states).