Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eureka Miniatures PAX Limpopo status for WTNW

I have been in conversation with Nic over at Eureka Miniatures. We are going to be offering stats for WTNW in the very strange but very fun whimsical line of Pax Limpopo found over at Eureka. Rebel Miniatures is still the official miniatures of WTNW and will continue to bring you boxed sets. I have it from a reliable source that the British are coming and that the Queen Victoria (God Bless Her) will be pleased to see the formations of all the men in Red and Khaki standing in line to lay down their lives for the glory of Britain!

Here are a few pics of the items we'll be covering in a (probably a close to if not absolutely free download) supplement  for Nic's line.


  1. Flaw: Windy-Thingie
    Points: 5 per stand
    Description: On the morale phase this unit must pass a command check by rolling 3d6 and lower than its command value. If successful, the unit may move next turn. If unsuccessful roll a d6. On a roll of 1-3 the unit cannot move next turn. On a roll of 4 the unit moves in a random direction its full moment for one turn. On a roll of 6 the windy-thingie snaps and the unit cannot move until the windy-thingie is repaired on a roll of 3+ during the morale/repair phase.

  2. Edge: Rocket-Hat
    Points: 3 points per unit
    Description: This unit is equipped with rocket projectiles fired from the pith helmets of the front rank. This is accomplished by the members of the rear rank lighting a very long match stick. Once per game this unit can unleash its rocket attack. The rocket attack does a 3d6 attack per stand. The range of this attack is unlimited. After the attack roll a d6. On a roll of a 6 the rocket misfires and the 6d6 attack damage is rolled to the unit that fired instead.

  3. Flaw: Atmosphere Suit
    Points: 10 points per unit
    Description: This unit requires a special breathing apparatus to function. If the breathing apparatus is destroyed the unit will be destroyed. When a critical hit is scored against this unit roll a d6. On a roll of 6 the breathing apparatus takes a hit. One the breathing apparatus takes an amount of hits equal to the threshold value of the unit one stand suffocates and is destroyed.

  4. Update! This will be going out soon and will be available as a free download from WGV. It will also have some new rules such as the edges and flaws listed above. My favorite is the Disgruntled Cavalry.