Friday, March 11, 2011

DM Help - Class Counts - Kill Bill VOL 1

Everything's set. Your wife is out or has sat down to play with you. The kids are in bed or at a friends. The dog has been played with and has had his fill of table scraps. The neighbor's dog is locked up inside. Your friends sit around the table looking at you with anticipation on their eager faces. Piles of dice, pencils and chits line the table at each of your friends' areas. The battlemat or map is rolled out on the table and everyone has a miniature to represent their character. Your friends look at their DM with hope for adventure!
You sit behind your screen with the page open to the start of the adventure. Your own massive pile of dice sits next to you a testament to your gaming dedication. Your miniatures to represent the npcs, villains, monsters and minions are within close reach - you might even have a large dragon or some other nasty setup to keep your players on edge even if you are not planning on using it tonight.

Then it happens...

As your friends begin to tell their stories someone always invariably ends up creating the same type of character.

"Bill, you played an drow fighter/cleric the last six game sessions! Let someone else play" suggests Cindy.
"I can play what I want to. Besides, Rob said I could play this." retorts Bill angry at Cindy's assumption that he had not asked the DM before playing the same tired character yet again.

Then all your friends Bill and Cindy included look at you with exasperated visages.

You know Bill very well. He's been gaming with your group now for six years and he always plays the same type of character. This time you tried to get him to play something else but there was no changing Bill's mind. So why does Bill keep wanting to play this character type? Does he have a desire to be like the not-so-humble DuUrden? Perhaps. 

So you sit back down and tell everyone it will be OK. That Cindy has a wizard, Larry has a Fighter, Doris has a Rogue and even though everyone knows Bill only plays a cleric for his undead turning ability Bill is once again playing the cleric. Problem is that Cindy wanted to become a prestige class that requires her to take divine spells later in the game and you already know this. But Cleric is Bill's bailiwick so what do you do?

Kill Bill?

You could but that would get you a hurt friend who's been gaming with you a long time.

Here's a suggestion to get Oz like harmony- let them both play Clerics. If Bill protests later that HE is the Cleric tell him he is also a fighter and if he can multiclass so can anyone else. To keep the peace you can also suggest to Cindy that she concentrates on a different type of casting from Bill's cleric spells. 

Do you have a story about dealing with your own Bill? Did you Kill Bill? How did you handle it?

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