Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Chronicles of the Six - The Hydra Fairytale

Our story continues as our heroes Ariandine Moonshadow, Kreek Eveningstar, Grusk, Whisper and Tealeaf end their discussions with the Aru's thieves guild and begin their journey into the sewers in search of the Hydra who is believed to have Sharharazad and the Harp of the Rotlord.

As we open the party is spending a good deal of time deciding which entrance to take to the Hydras chambers. The hydra was a pet of an Abolition making fire mage who it turns out was also a bit of a pyromaniac. There are two entrances so the players are told, one by way of a grate which falls 120 feet that the thieves use to feed the Hydra and one further down the sewers in which the mage's lair is hidden behind a set of double doors which have the insignia of the fire mage himself (a pair of twisting flame serpents).

The party ops for the sewer path and soon are waylaid and surprised by a neo-oytough a trash compactor of the sewers only their magic does not appear to affect the beast. Their magics keep failing as they continue to fight the beast and they are somewhat damaged by the monster but are able to defeat it. Inside the beast they find some treasure including a magical shield but they also find a fire opal worth about 15000 gp on the open market. The fire opal is unique in that is has an antimagic spell placed within it as the mage is able to determine by the spinning fire contained within the stone. Ariadine summons her Efretti in the bottle who is named Barbegazi. He says he is willing to serve her with an added warning "I will serve you for a period of time daily but be warned that should you abuse this you will not like me an enemy."

Next they find the door and after disarming a flame trap they are able to use the stone to get past the flame serpents which guard the door. The room behind contains a raised floor which is warded two levels and appears to have a glyph of blasting at the top. There are four flame serpents at each of the cardinal direction but they watch Whisper enter with the stone and make no moves toward him. Meanwhile, Kreek and Marcus are covering Ariadine and Tealeaf who's magic is unable to be used within 10 feet of the person holding the stone.

The party continues to scratch their heads as they pass over the first, second and third raised floors and watch as the glyphs magic is suppressed. Then Grusk offers to toss a rat into the glyph of blasting but that is turned down by the party. They continue to search for a doorway or entranceway but are unable to find anything. Finally, Whisper hands Grusk the antimagic stone and goes inside to disarm the glyph of warding.

NO sooner is he able to disarm the glyph when he is attacked by the same flame snakes. Grusk attempts to reach his friend but everything inside the room is happening at a different speed impossibly fast to follow. Whisper rushes out of the room and in so doing passes through the time vortex that he did not know was there and almost collapses on the floor with pain. Grusk meanwhile charges in and threatens the flame snakes to return to their podiums. The flame snakes refuse and a few well placed shots from Kreek and Marcus destroy them.

Some more time passes and Whisper is able to disable the second glyph of warding and since he does not have the antimagic stone he passes onto the glyph of blasting and is instantly bathed in flames. It appears as if he has been disintegrated and is dead. Ariadine ponders this as she felt she witnessed several spell effects going off simultaneously. Thinking back to her studies she remembers how glyphs can be used to hide other glyphs and magical effects. She studies the runes and is able to determine that there is a gate within the glyph of blasting and that it must have been deactivated when the antimagic stone was passed over it and then reactivated when whisper walked over it.

The party eventually figures out the gate and meets Whisper in what appears to be a butcher's room. They then proceed to follow Whisper and Grusk into a laberynth which has a multitude of fire based traps some of which catch the party off guard and to a river of lava. Using her magics Tealeaf changes the shape of the stones and makes a bridge over the lava river. The party can smell the beast nearby.

Creeping into the lair of the beast they find...

It's been long dead... Then a small globe is dropped from above and a fireball explodes among the party. Several are singed and seriously hurt but none die thanks to protection from fire magical effects they placed upon one another as they prepared to fight the hydra. Inside the beast's lair they find the Harp of the Rotlord and a small fortune of treasure and magical items including a rod of absorption and staff of flame. They also find the skeletal figure of a man, his robes bearing emblems of flame and fire, locked under the claws of one of the feet of the beast. It would appear master and pet had a disagreement that resulted in one or both of their deaths.

There is no podcast of this game as your DM had the hiccups.

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