Thursday, March 10, 2011

The chances of anything coming from mars...

Excerpt from a Hussar's Journal from Horsell Common

"As the Martian War Machines continued to move forward, destoying everything in their path with that blasted heat-ray, a new hope arose from the Commons. A full Brigade of Hussars, mounted upon their steeds and ready for the dirty business of defending the country from these invaders, sounded the charge. My unit was trounced in the initial attack of the beasts. I only hope that it was not too late to join them. As I started forward I cried For Queen and Country and rode off into history and possibly oblivion..."

Greetings Lads,

We will be playing WTNW Skirmish this Friday at 6:30. The scenario will be right out of HG Well's book War of the Worlds. There will be two forces. A British Force of Hussars and Foot and a Martian Force of Ground Units and Tripods. I think you'll really like some of the changes since last time. I look forward to seeing everyone here!

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