Friday, March 18, 2011

The Boers & The Ubertod

I finally got around to putting the Boers on their bases last night. I still need to paint and flock them. They were painted a few years ago by a painting service in the UK. I also based up another unit of Zulus and two more of Germans.

There are pics of the finished fixed Firebase that Dwight fixed for me. The sides were warping due to an error on my part concerning storage.

Lastly, the Ubertod was last seen chasing a small detachment of British gunners out of the woods just outside of Wyversburg. Authorities are baffled as to why the British patrols were out so far away from their colonies. The British ambassador has not yet made a statement.


  1. Excellent stuff but that firebase is beautiful.

  2. Angry and I are starting to think alike. Your landscapes always look the part, but that firebase is the best piece yet.

  3. Thanks! Dwight does a fantastic job with my terrain as I've said in the past. I've made a few pieces myself here and there as shown in the watchtower build project.