Friday, March 11, 2011

All Your Artillerymen Are Belong to Us - UUHHLAAAAAA

The WTNW skirmish game is going to focus on the Martian Invasion. It will be in true HG Wells style but with the twist of the WTNW Landships and the Great Powers might actually have a chance against their would-be masters.


Then again...

We played two turns. In the skirmish version unlike the core rules version you have to roll to hit, then to wound, then the enemy gets a cover save, then a special save (shields or what not) and then they die. Well if they are the poor British artillerymen in the open - they die. The game went rather well. We used the Martian Empire tripods. I HIGHLY recommend getting some AND I HIGHLY recommend you picking up a WTNW pack from Rebel Minis too!  We also used Parroom Station's Cephalids and their Personal Walkers. The Personal Walkers had a threshold of 5 (we're going to bump that up later) and the main tripods had a higher threshold. What's threshold? It's the score you need on a D6 to cause a HIT!

I played the Brits and dad played the Martians ULLAHHH. My Brits were defending a farmhouse (no there's NO Tom Cruise) and setup in a nearby woods around the craters that had landed on Horsell Commons. As they built their machines we The Queen (GOD BLESS HER)'s royal artillerymen and Hussars(sans horses) decided to investigate. No sooner had we arrived when one lone artilleryman came rushing past us with a strange sort of chap who seemed burned badly as he scribbled in a journal keeping notes of the Martian's invasion.

Then they began to approach with their warmachines... We poured on the artillery and managed to take out two of their personal walkers but sadly they took out two of our artillery guns. We did lob some shells into one of their craters and we heard the screams of some dying as the shells exploded against their machines.

Now as they approach the farmhouse we can only hold out for Queen (GOD BLESS HER) and country!

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