Thursday, February 3, 2011

WTNW: Skirmish & Small Unit Tactics

Last night my dad came over and we playtested some of the WTNW: Skirmish & Small Unit Tactics rules. This is WTNW for 28mm small unit engagements. I have worked up some different mechanics (as I believe you should not just keep producing the same rules and changing the genre) to better facilitate skirmish level engagements including mechanics for unit leaders, skirmishing, and damage based on weapons. Several changes were made to the game during the playtest.

We both enjoyed the game and although this one is still in its infancy I believe that it will be a great game when completed!

 The first round had us setting up our forces on either side of a small hamlet. To keep it simple and really test only the mechanics we only used infantry and a field gun per side.

Dad setup his guys close to a house while my Germans were deployed on the hill behind the woods and scrub. The second turn had us deploying our ground units and dad deploying his arty. The arty caused some damage and the rife rounds had several exchanges of rifle fire with little consequences.

The game ended up as a win for the Germans as I was able to hold off in the woods and shoot his forces from cover and surround the house he had held up in. The melee rules worked OK but need some tweaking and I believe we got the shooting rules down.


  1. This looks promising - I think the air pirates will work better at the larger scale and skirmish hit and run games

  2. So far so good. Not too many bugs to work out. It's a very different feel to the game with the same concept and design elements. I like the shooting system. I am contemplating if I want to give a save roll for cover or just do 1/2 casualties like in WTNW.