Friday, February 11, 2011

WTNW On Lulu! and book deal signed

OK while I am waiting for the POD to get done with Lightning Source so I can make the WTNW Core available on Wargame Vault I have setup a POD for Lulu. This book is a black and white version of the book but it contains all the same information as the main book. Thanks to Lulu for fixing the error with the ISBN timely.

Also, today I signed an early version of what will be the book deal for WTNW a series of novels written by David Huber set in the world.

When The Navy Walked


  1. Excellent, truly excellent, nothing better than a bit of success and recognition.

  2. Yeah but it looks weird. Could you check it out and let me know what you find? I think the preview is showing it messed up.

  3. Sorry, probably the wrong place for this, but how can I get the $10 rules deal I was emailed? Still costs $13.50 when I put it in my cart on wargamesvault.
    Also comments section not working on WTNW site (tried there first)

  4. You should have recieved a special link to that deal in the email. If you do not have it email me at Cronickain at gmail and i will get it to uou. also thanks for the heafs up about the site. I will replqce that code with a mail to function.

    Sent from my phone sorry about typos.

  5. Ian I sent you an email with the link.

    The contact us link has been changed to a simple mailto and there is a buynow button for the core book. I only have 10 in stock so if you want them come get them!