Monday, February 21, 2011

WTNW German Capitol Unit - Zyklops

The SRP should be around $35.00 USD for this model. Here is a picture of the Zyklops aside a 15mm model and aside a 28mm model. As you can see the design will work for either scale. Pictures with rivets and landings etc will be available as I get them. There will also be two more guns in sponsons (all sponsons move).

This is ONLY the basic shape and outline of the vehicle. There will be rivets, more guns, banisters, and a bunch of other detail that is being worked on right now.


  1. It's got potential for both scales, thanks for that.

  2. I'll try to have more pics for tommorrow showing all the remaining sponsons and more of the ongoing detailing.

  3. @Angry - I think so too.

    @Jeff - I can't wait to see all the rivets and stuff on there myself. Thanks Jeff!

    @Don and Porky - Yes that it does and it is interesting. It's Jim from Arsenale Shipwork's original design with some slight mods.

  4. Very nice! I can't wait to see what my Großdeutschland Kriegsmarines will be using these for!

  5. The models will come with cards that have various stats for the model. For instance, the Guffilemark Dreadnought in the WTNW Germany list is the mid-level model of the Zyklops.