Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WTNW Capital Unit Miniatures! Update I

Great news! The guys over at DieWaffenKammer have just started the initial sculpting on the WTNW miniature designs for the British and the German Capital Units as outlined in the WTNW Core book.

Rebel Miniatures is now putting together the boxes for the Grays for WTNW. They will be available soon with the British to follow!

The initial order for the print of WTNW goes out this Friday and will be to my distributor by the end of the following week. Look for WTNW Core in stores or ask for it by name!

In the production/development front we are just about done putting the final touches on WTNW Conflict on Mars and have the WTNW Air Pirates about 3/4 the way completed. Today I started working on WTNW Skirmish and Small Unit Tactics for the 28mm skirmish rules set that follows the WTNW Core rules. Also, we have a gentlemen that has stepped up and asked ACG if he can write a steampunk novel set in the WTNW universe.

Once again thank you for all of your help to our fans and contributors! Sketch of the Zyklops provided by James Pozzetta of Arsenale Shipworks.


  1. Great is understatement! Movement on multiple fronts.

  2. This is great! I was going to order the pdf, but I'd much rather own the hard copy!

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Porky - Yes I want to keep the momentum going!

    @Atom - You could get both! :) The hard copy will be in my hands by Wednesday and then I send (the amount they asked for) to Warpathgames. It is my hope that you guys snatch up every copy they have so they come quickly ordering more! :)