Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update & WTNW Zyklops

This weekend my mother came down and stayed with the kids so I spent Friday and Saturday with my wife. We had a good night away at the hotel and let mom and the kids play with their aunt. Mom is going to be getting some serious spine fusion surgery and so she is going to be staying with us while she recovers. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday we went by the game store. I picked up the two piazo map packs (farmsteads and wizard's tower) that I had ordered a few weeks ago. I also checked out a game of Battle Tech my friends were playing. Karl puts on a good game of Tech. Sunday I picked up a portable A/C unit and insulated the garage. I'm pooped.

Also the WTNW Zyklops is just about ready for master production. This model does not yet have the rivets or the catwalks that the final will have but it is looking really good. This model will be available from me and from JTFM Enterprises. That is a 15mm figure in the picture for comparison.


  1. Thoughts and prayers to your mom, strange request but any chance of a 28mm figure beside the Zyklops and a price.

  2. We are still trying to hammer out the SRP. I will get you a 28mm pic sometime today or tomorrow. The model is being made up in Canada so I do not have the master with me.