Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RotFS - The Technomancer Tower Pt II

The heroes of the Rise of the Fallen Star under the leadership of Lavindra N’Toth journey to a tower just inside the Free Lands of the Dales within Queen Brennon’s protection. Baronet N’Toth is charged with going to the tower and eliminating the enemy. The Pegasus riders have seen guards outside of the tower and strange colors of smoke emanating from within when they flew overhead.

 So our party heads to the tower. Last session a band of goblins and bugbears that were in the employ of the Zhentarim attacked them while they camped. This session they made it to the tower and fought their way inside.

DD quickly scouted the area while her friends stayed behind. She was so stealthy that neither the guards at the front entrance nor the guards taking position at the arrow slits in the tower noticed her sneaking around outside. After a few moments one of the guards did notice Fawlyn hiding behind a tree and shot his crossbow hitting her and causing her and N’Toth to rush into action.

Meanwhile, DD charged up the stairs and attacked the guards. The first hit was very solid. The second hit was very solid as well and seemed to vibrate like something metal. Then the guard was a hit a third time and his skin façade peeled away revealing a human-sized metal golem underneath. The golem recoiled and slammed into the monk causing serious bruising and some light damage. Lady N’Toth summoned a Dire Ape and Fawlyn charged in destroying one of the golems.

A few rounds after arriving at the tower the party had destroyed the guards at the arrow slit and destroyed the golems. The Dire Ape was helpful in ascending the tower stairs and proved a nice shield to the magic missiles that were lobbed from inside the second floor. The ape was defeated and returned to where it was summoned.

DD rushed in again with Fawlyn the fighter at her side attacking one mage and ending his existence while a golem with a human skull for a head and partly made up of bones and metal attacked with a massive warmace slamming into DD and sending her flying back though she landed on her feet. Another round of magic missiles from the remaining wizard and N’Toth called forth Evard’s Black Tentacles to hold the mage and the undead golem in place. A few choice hits ended both.

The room to the left was trapped with a magic sigil but it caused little damage as the fire spurted out of an old and unused trap handle. Inside the room there was a bed, a desk with bones in a letter holder, a chest at the end of the bed with pieces of metal and a red chest. N’Toth opened the chest with her magic bypassing the disintegrate spell after her monkey had failed to open it (and consequently returned to the beastlands) and found 5000 gp worth of gems and treasure!

They found a trap door in the room and scaled the door peaking inside they saw a pair of undead/golem mages and a human technomancer. N’Toth summoned an ice storm and was answered by a fireball spell from the human technomancer. The icestorm destroyed the golem and one golem mage that was hiding in the room.

Entering the room and doing some searching they find a hidden safe under the carpet and a ladder behind a banner. Scaling the ladder they come face to face with the technomancer, some more golems and golem mages and after a very tough battle they defeat the bad guy, get the tower and level!

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