Monday, February 28, 2011


Eventually I plan on having several different types of Overlord models. I already have some Cephalids from the Paroom Station Line and today I ordered some tripods from the Black Hat Martian Empires line. I eventually will order some of their Cephlapods but for now I am sticking with what I have.

These are 28mm. The martians were painted with an undercoat of apple barrel royal violet. Then I liberally applied a drybrushing of Valentine pink followed by a heavy lining of bright magenta (no not that magenta or colombia). I will go back with a light ink of dark blue and before that dries I will apply a coat of plum kiss. The metal will bolt gunmetal with some greenish highlights.

Zoo Sign

We took the kids to the zoo this weekend. I could not help but laugh at this sign. Apparently they are taking really good care of the animals at the zoo; down to the point of ensuring that they receive regular tune ups.

WTNW Skirmish & Small Unit Tactics Playtest II Pics

Here are some pics of the playtest. We've changed the way that the Machines and Capitol Units take damage and the way that they take critical hits in the skirmish game. The game was a lot of fun. Joey and Joe took one another on in true father-son style. My dad helped me run the rules and Eric enjoyed playing the Germans. We did not get to use the telepathic rules and the Overlord's Black Gas attacks did not do much to the Germans.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Under A Rock – Out of Character Knowledge

Today’s topic is Keeping Out of Character knowledge Out of Character. For many gamers this is a difficult concept. Why should you not be able to use all the myriad of knowledge that you have accumulated over the years in gaming to the best of your ability? If you know, for instance, that a displacer beast has the ability to blink in and out of reality or that a black dragon’s breath weapon is a line of acid spray because you have faced them before in other games why should you not know this with your current character? Even if you do attempt to not use this knowledge in character how do you keep it separate without either looking like a fool by running blindly into combat or making up excuses why your current character might have come across this knowledge?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stop Domestic Violence

I and my family will be walking to support the Hubbard House here at Jacksonville, FL. The Hubbard House is a non-profit company dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. We are fundraising but there is no obligation.Any donations are tax deductible. Thank you.

WTNW: Skirmish & Small Unit Tactics Pt II More Pics

Here are some more shots of the upcoming game for Friday.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WTNW Skirmish and Small Unit Tactics Playtest II

I have scheduled a WTNW Small unit tactics game for this Friday the 25th of Feb. Since this game is still very early in development we are playing with very small forces. Please RSVP if you are attending.

Below are some pictures of the setup I did tonight for Friday's game.

Random Names - Starship Names

How about The Black Diamond Nebulae or The Ursula Minor Revenge?

Need a starship name but not sure how to get one? I created this Random Starship Name Generator using simple words and the names of known stars. It should be a good start! You can find it on the TechGadgetsforRPG yahoo group.


Please keep the people that lost friends and family in Christchurch, NZ in your thoughts and prayers. The city was hit by a 6.3 earthquake today and many lost their lives and were hurt in the tragedy. Sadly, there are more than 100 people trapped and injured in the rubble and at least 65 were killed.


Monday, February 21, 2011

WTNW German Capitol Unit - Zyklops

The SRP should be around $35.00 USD for this model. Here is a picture of the Zyklops aside a 15mm model and aside a 28mm model. As you can see the design will work for either scale. Pictures with rivets and landings etc will be available as I get them. There will also be two more guns in sponsons (all sponsons move).

This is ONLY the basic shape and outline of the vehicle. There will be rivets, more guns, banisters, and a bunch of other detail that is being worked on right now.

Weekend Update & WTNW Zyklops

This weekend my mother came down and stayed with the kids so I spent Friday and Saturday with my wife. We had a good night away at the hotel and let mom and the kids play with their aunt. Mom is going to be getting some serious spine fusion surgery and so she is going to be staying with us while she recovers. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday we went by the game store. I picked up the two piazo map packs (farmsteads and wizard's tower) that I had ordered a few weeks ago. I also checked out a game of Battle Tech my friends were playing. Karl puts on a good game of Tech. Sunday I picked up a portable A/C unit and insulated the garage. I'm pooped.

Also the WTNW Zyklops is just about ready for master production. This model does not yet have the rivets or the catwalks that the final will have but it is looking really good. This model will be available from me and from JTFM Enterprises. That is a 15mm figure in the picture for comparison.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Names

Ever thought "Hey I wish I could come up with a cool name for my game/book/design or whatever?" Well there's plenty of words out there and what it boils down to is making a good connection. I've created a Random Name Generator and put it out on a this group.

What does it do?

Male Names, Female Names, Tavern Names, Magic Item Names and General Names. There are multiple categories and all you have to do is click the button!

This group will be for the use of uploading gaming gadgets such as the one I wrote for gamers by gamers. Giving credit where credit's due Pork over at The Porkster in his Spacewordsofdoom post gave me this inspiration!


History Channel - "Making History Everyday"

Is it just me or does anyone else who is a history buff and military enthusiast think that the History Channel should go back to Historical documentaries and movies? Their new slogan "Making History Everyday" is so on target with their programming that I find myself yearning for the old days of cable tv when SyFi was SciFi and you could get a good MST3K marathon on while watching WW2 on the History Channel instead of Pawn Stars or a bunch of truck drivers in Alaska.

RebelMini Aliens Packs

The Grays are here!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

WTNW The Battle of Rorke’s Drift – Alternate History – Borderlands Demo

Yesterday after the Jacksonville Garrison meeting we hosted a demo game of WTNW Rorke’s Drift. The game is set at Kwa Jim’s mission station and features the 2nd Company 24th Warwickshire Regiment with Bromhead and Dalton. We had a very good turnout of six players and several onlookers.

You can get the FULL version of the WTNW game from When The Navy Walked

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RotFS - The Technomancer Tower Pt II

The heroes of the Rise of the Fallen Star under the leadership of Lavindra N’Toth journey to a tower just inside the Free Lands of the Dales within Queen Brennon’s protection. Baronet N’Toth is charged with going to the tower and eliminating the enemy. The Pegasus riders have seen guards outside of the tower and strange colors of smoke emanating from within when they flew overhead.

WTNW COM - The Grays

I just sent Conflict on Mars - The Grays over to my layout artist. This will be a five or six page download for a few bucks FREE from WGV that shows the stats of the Grays that are part of the Gray Abduction Pack and Gray Zeltar Telepath Pack (available from Rebel Minis). The download features an overview of the Grays, additional Edges and a short army list for running the Grays.

Here are the contents of the packs.

Grays Abduction Pack
24 Grays with Guns making Two Ground Units of 12 figures each
2 Tripods making one Machine Unit
3 Unarmed Grays making One Leader Unit

Gray Zeltar Telepaths Pack
24 Zeltars making Two Ground Units
2 Tripods making One Machine Unit
3 Unarmed Grays making One Leader Unit

Update: Available NOW

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Calimshan - Thick as Thieves

Our heroes meet with an agent of one of the most notorious thieves guilds in Calimport - The Furred Dagger. They request an audience with the guild master, Auru but are told that they must first pass the challenge that all prospective members of the guild must pass and find the hideout in the sewers.

Together our heroes moved into the darkest alleys in Calimport to find the secret entrance to the Furred Dagger's hideout and they met with shadows in the alleys that were not what they appeared...

This session was podcasted as Thick as Thieves.

Friday, February 11, 2011

WTNW On Lulu! and book deal signed

OK while I am waiting for the POD to get done with Lightning Source so I can make the WTNW Core available on Wargame Vault I have setup a POD for Lulu. This book is a black and white version of the book but it contains all the same information as the main book. Thanks to Lulu for fixing the error with the ISBN timely.

Also, today I signed an early version of what will be the book deal for WTNW a series of novels written by David Huber set in the world.

When The Navy Walked

Thursday, February 10, 2011

WTNW Going out this weekend!

 Well the first print run showed up yesterday. I will be sending some of these off to my distributor Saturday. Look for WTNW in stores. I will also be setting up an e-store on sometime next week.

WTNW available now from your local retailer!

Next up - WTNW: Conflict on Mars!

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped with this project!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Nightlord Saga - Against the Heroes

The group met last night to finish the fight with the Zhent frigate. The battle was fairly quick and the group was well rewarded but their artillery sunk the prize ship. They met Mel's character and welcomed her and a Zhent Lt aboard as crew. Then they flew to Sembia to deliver the living sword.

There they met an entourage of vamps who took possession of the sword. There was lively discussion about the direction they wanted to go as a crew, upgrades to the ship and that sort of thing.

Overall the game was a lot of fun.

Monday, February 7, 2011

ACG Shirt

Who wanted an official The ArmChair General polo shirt? The cost is going to be $30.00 USD + shipping. Let me know by replying to this post (and then emailing me your information to!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

DM Advice - Playing Power Characters

Introducing my Half-Fiend Drow-Vampire Arch-Fiend of Asmodeus Azaranex Banerae. He's a level 28 Cleric of Asmodeus with an Ancient Green Dragon follower. Now before you say "That's super powerful!" I will preempt you by saying that you are absolutely correct. However, it is nothing compared to the Half-Fiend Werewolf Giant level 28 Barbarian that also played in the game game.

Gee, you're thinking that's great but what's the point? The point is that sometimes it's fun to play a Council of Wyrms game or an overpowered non-good game. I'm currently running several games all coherently in the same world that take place at the same time. Not all of the characters are on the same side either - one of the games are you already know - is filled with non-good characters. Some of them might be a bit overpowered but then that can be part of the whole fun of the game.

The Grays Part III

Well today I finished painting and basing the Grays. I also started on a pack of the Zeltar's and another pack of Grays. While I was digging around I found the British I have been meaning to finish and got them done as well. To complete the Grays I just added another coat of light gray over the dark gray and painted their clothing in shades of blue.

Rebel has our Grays and Zeltars. These should be available next week from Rebel Minis.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

WTNW: Skirmish & Small Unit Tactics

Last night my dad came over and we playtested some of the WTNW: Skirmish & Small Unit Tactics rules. This is WTNW for 28mm small unit engagements. I have worked up some different mechanics (as I believe you should not just keep producing the same rules and changing the genre) to better facilitate skirmish level engagements including mechanics for unit leaders, skirmishing, and damage based on weapons. Several changes were made to the game during the playtest.

We both enjoyed the game and although this one is still in its infancy I believe that it will be a great game when completed!

 The first round had us setting up our forces on either side of a small hamlet. To keep it simple and really test only the mechanics we only used infantry and a field gun per side.

Dad setup his guys close to a house while my Germans were deployed on the hill behind the woods and scrub. The second turn had us deploying our ground units and dad deploying his arty. The arty caused some damage and the rife rounds had several exchanges of rifle fire with little consequences.

The game ended up as a win for the Germans as I was able to hold off in the woods and shoot his forces from cover and surround the house he had held up in. The melee rules worked OK but need some tweaking and I believe we got the shooting rules down.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WTNW Capital Unit Miniatures! Update I

Great news! The guys over at DieWaffenKammer have just started the initial sculpting on the WTNW miniature designs for the British and the German Capital Units as outlined in the WTNW Core book.

Rebel Miniatures is now putting together the boxes for the Grays for WTNW. They will be available soon with the British to follow!

The initial order for the print of WTNW goes out this Friday and will be to my distributor by the end of the following week. Look for WTNW Core in stores or ask for it by name!

In the production/development front we are just about done putting the final touches on WTNW Conflict on Mars and have the WTNW Air Pirates about 3/4 the way completed. Today I started working on WTNW Skirmish and Small Unit Tactics for the 28mm skirmish rules set that follows the WTNW Core rules. Also, we have a gentlemen that has stepped up and asked ACG if he can write a steampunk novel set in the WTNW universe.

Once again thank you for all of your help to our fans and contributors! Sketch of the Zyklops provided by James Pozzetta of Arsenale Shipworks.