Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WTNW Miniatures!!!

I am happy to announce that Rebel Minis will be carrying some of our miniatures and that people will be able to purchase the Machines and Capital Units from Die Waffen Kammer.  We are currently putting together the Rebel Mini packs and working with Jeff at Die Waffen Kammer to get the masters for the Machines and Capital Units.

Look for the Rebel Minis WTNW Battle Packs in the near future and look for the Machines and Capital Units from Die WaffenKammer later in the year! Mike at Rebel Minis has been very good to us and has an excellent selection of miniatures for other games from Ambush Alley Games and Two Hour Wargames as well as an assortment of other very nice 15mm miniatures. Jeff over at Die WaffenKammer has some excellent 28mm WWII miniatures in high-quality resin.

In addition, we are still working with Arsenale Shipworks to produce masterful airships and concepts for our miniatures. These guys have a great selection of pirate ships, sailing vessels and VSF airships. Check out their line by emailing Jim.

Eli Arndt, Brent Rogers and Jim Pozzetta will be doing some of the concepts and sculpts under my direction and visions. Joey Caso will still be doing all our art and design layout.

Darby Eckles of Two Hour Wargames: FNG will be doing the maps for the six scenarios for Conflict On Mars!

James Miller over at Scrying Eye Games will continue to provide cover illustration and we may be doing other projects with On The Lamb and Pulp Alley.

I am really happy to have such great talent aboard!


  1. Excellent news! That's some line-up too. This is the path to follow and I'm very happy you're striking out along it.

    An idea you might already have thought of: why not keep us updated here with sketches and details at the various stages of the process? I can imagine there's a large audience for development of something completely new like this.

    The best of luck with it!

  2. That's a great idea Porky! I will keep you updated. There are some earlier pics and concepts of WTNW Conflict on mars in older posts from last year. I will keep you all updated with new stuff as it comes!