Thursday, January 13, 2011

WTNW - Independent Review Part III - WTNW Overall

Today Porky has finished his review of the system. I am very pleased that he enjoyed the game system and did so admirable a job of reviewing all the various aspects of the game. It is this standard that I will hold myself to in the future reviews of products here at armchairgeneralblog.

As to his review I have taken his points and have already started to develop ideas from them for the future of WTNW. Not take it out of context, the review goes on to say that less experienced gamers may take a little bit to get used to the format. I think this quote sums it up for me and makes me quite a very happy game designer.

"The game as a whole hovers, in very general terms, somewhere between 'above average' and 'good'. For more experienced gamers I'd say this score is much more towards the upper end of that range, and even 'very good'."

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