Monday, January 24, 2011

SOA 2011 Update - Saturday WTNW Game

Saturday Morning I ran a demo of When The Navy Walked featuring the Germans held up in the government building in the city of Wyversburg in the German Colony of Iker. The scenario used the German list from the WTNW Core rule book (Army Section I with the Artillery unit from Army Section II) versus the Red Martian list from WTNW: Conflict on Mars and the British Army list from WTNW Core (Army Section I).

The Germans had captured a Red Martian ambassador and several key British leaders and were holding them in the building as war prisoners. The German’s objective was to hold the building for d6 turns after their reinforcements were sighted on turn two.

The Red Martians and British objective was to take the building and capture the prisoners if possible.

Turn one:  The British and Martians positioned themselves within the remaining buildings of Wyversburg while the Germans heavy artillery and landship cannons bombed their positions. The British gave as well as they got but neither side were able cause significant damage to the other. The first turn was a draw and the losses were minimal

Turn two: The Martian skiff unit and their war beasts continued moving into position within the town closer to the Germans. An enraged wild beast charged out from under a ruined building but was unable to make it to the Red Martian forces as it was torn into shreds by the combined fire of the Red Martian skiffs and the rifles from the Martian riders on their beasts.

The British were able to whittle down the defending forces of the Germans on the wall and the Germans sustained some heavy casualties resulting in the loss of one stand. The Ground Unit that took the stand loss failed their morale check and was shaken.

Martian Skiff
The Germans bombed the British artillery positions almost destroying the entire battery and decimated a British line unit that was setup just off the main road to the government building. The British unit was left with one single solider who actually passed his morale check and joined the boys of a nearby unit. He was heard later to say “Well mu’um guess it’s up to me to get it back.”  At the end of the turn, a Martian scout sighted the German reinforcements and the decision was made to charge the government building.

Turn Three: One of the Martian skiffs crashed into the town and the Germans cheered. The Martians gave as good as they got though and their warbeast charged into the left flank of the German position leaping over the wall and frightening the battle hardened soldiers so badly they were unable to load their rifles in time to shoot at the charging unit.  What followed was a blur of death and claws and only a few Germans were able to escape, having ran off into the Seabottoms and presumed dead.

The British artillery finally succeeded in knocking out the German 9” guns at the walls using their Littleton Mark IV Landship’s massive guns they pummeled holes into the German walls. The Germans were able to hold the line however and stood their ground taking many British with them.

Turn Four was the all-out assault as combined forces of Martian Regulars,Warbeasts, British Ground Formations and machines crossed into the courtyard firing volley after volley at the Germans. The Capital units of the British and Artillery of the Martians focused their attention on attacking the government building and caused significant damage to the building and the defenders as many German positions began to fall.
Germans holding
Turn Five had the British shots ringing true and although the Germans fought valiantly they did not succeed in holding off the Martians and British forces until their reinforcements arrived. General Schuber was later heard to exclaim “The firepower of the British combined with that of the Reds was almost legendary. Their massive war beasts coupled with the might of the British empire was too much to hold. I am proud of the boys though many were lost they fought and died bravely.

A decisive victory for the combined Martian/British forces but a very well played defense by the Germans.

WTNW was a huge success and everyone really enjoyed the game!

The fall of Wyversburg


  1. @ Angry Lurker - Hey thanks! I forgot to mention that Rebel Minis will be carrying some of our line and that we are under negotiations with a miniature company to do some of the specific models and units for the game.

  2. ACG - looks like an interesting set up - would like to try it in 25mm if I ever get enough vehicles - I still have some of my Kroot for martians and two of my imperial steam tanks (incomplete no treads) I have that mosque in 25mm havent sold it yer, Maybe Black Jack Pershing could be raiding the border - hmmm

  3. Hey thanks Volleyfire. I would love to see it played in 25/28mm. I have played it a few times myself in that scale but would love to hear how it plays from someone else. Just remember to double the distances.

  4. Also, for your steam tanks. I was thinking it wouldn't be too hard to salvage some treads from a toy from a yardsale. GI Joe and Starwars would work well for that sort of thing.

  5. Yes, the Demo game ran very well, and the setup was very nice per the buildings and all. Howard