Monday, January 24, 2011

SOA 2011 Update - The Rest of the Con

Friday night I played Brushfire. I was the Empire of Aquitar and my opponent was Mare-Civitas. I had some Weasel fusiliers, The Mole Tactician and a Badger-At-Claw. He had a Capybara Leader, Bowmen Mice and some nasty Rats. My objective was to get off the ship and capture the town. My Badger-At-Claw got creamed by a lucky critical roll against the bow mice but not before he almost took out the entire rat unit. My Weasels met defeat at the hands of the bow mice and the Capybara. Great game. I will be playing the Shogunate of Ribenguo when I get into the game myself.

Saturday afternoon I was scheduled to run another demo of WTNW but they had Dystopian Wars going on at the same time. The guys who wanted to play in WTNW ended up having to leave due to emergencies back home and between that and the fact that the flea market was scheduled at the exact time that the session started the game (and several others) did not happen. IMHO the flea market probably should be between sessions.

Saturday night we played a game called Urban War. Basically it is a post-apoc type game set on a planet with poisonous atmosphere. I played the Triad (a Tong like group) with my dad and we played against a guy who played the Army (Like the US) that were sent to take us out. This is a skirmish game and we had about eight total figures per side. The game uses cards with the stats printed for each 'type' of unit. My dad had some sumo guys with ginsu type knives for hand-to-hand fighting and the sniper. I had the Giasha Dolls, the Triad Boss and four grunts. The game played very smoothly. It was reminiscent of Warzone or Void and is by the same chaps that did those games. In case you want a quick AAR here's one, our troops lost but the grunts and sumos did the most damage to the enemy and it was a very close victory for the soldiers.

Later Saturday night I played Flames of War. I had the British and my opponent was Italian. I used Mike Baker's list and he forgot to give the infantry antitank weapons so my infantry was overrun by PZIIIs and PZIVs. My Priests though destroyed many of the German tanks with direct fire and a last minute charge of Shermans saved the day! The end was a draw as neither side captured the other's objective. I liked Flames of War. The game itself is well written and seems to flow quickly.

Sunday we played Martian Empires. I wanted to play Martians but ended up playing British due to the cruelty of the fates. The game played OK but I did not really like the fact that if I scored a hit and only got the exact number I needed I only caused a morale check. In the game you roll once for your unit and compare your result with your shooting or close combat skill (-/+ any modifiers) and the number you roll under your target number is the number of hits the opponent takes. The Martians took 4 hits each stand and the Brits took 3 hits each stand. The Ground Units (to use my WTNW term) were pretty even but
the Martian tripods were murder. I did like the Martian Tripods but they were very hard to knock out.

I attempted to charge the Martian crater before they could build their tripod but the Martian players (my dad was one) were able to build their tripods by the end of turn two. This happened to be right as I was charging in with my skirmishers. Ah well. The rest of the game we traded some nice shots back and forth and I eliminated a good amount of his forces and he mine. The other side of the table had my ally taking the Martians to school but his opponent was very sneaky and he was able to bring his tripods down in close combat all but destroying the entire right flank of our defense. This game ended with a Martian Victory. Well played by both sides and good game ran by Tom Fisher.

The last of the British Arty

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