Saturday, January 22, 2011

SOA 2011 Con Update - Friday NIght (Zulus and Food Friday)

The con is going fairly well.  Friday night we played Rorkes Drift ran by Chris Pagino. I played on the side of the Zulus and was successful in setting fire to the hospital. We decided to keep our sharpshooters on Knopp hill as historically accurate (and best to shoot the British when they are on the other side of the mealy bag wall.  I had 5 units in my Ibutho of 20 troops each as well as the Prince. The other players each had five or four units in their Ibuthos. 

The first two turns had our side making a mad rush to the hospital. Unfortunately the rest of the zulu's were waiting somewhere else and had decided to not yet join the attack. After another turn we had one of the player's other zulus finally show up on the opposite side of the mission station from my boys. The brits rained down martini henry death and managed to decimate many of the zulu units and only took a few casualties each turn.

The fourth turn I had made it to the mission station hospital and charged my zulus into the building and set it on fire. The melee that followed was bloody as I pushed the brits back from room to room and the fire spread.

The sharpshooters finally arrived along with the final zulu Ibutho and they immediately began harranging the brits who had just about abandoned the mission station and taken refuge in the house and redoubt. At this point I only had the unit in the hospital left and it was at 1/2 strength and one that had been shot up pretty good that I ran behind the fruit orchard and out of the deadly line of sight of the brits.

Overall, I had some very nice fights and some not so great rolls although I did manage to take out several of my dad's brits behind the mealy bag wall and successfully made morale checks that I needed a 10 on a d10 to pass :D The brits did admirably setting up their mealy bag defenses and did a great job protecting their station. The zulus fought to the last man although about 1/2 the total attacking force had deserted by the end of the game, 1/4 was dead and the other 1/4 had ran off into the woods after being continually pushed back from the walls of the brits.The game was fought valiantly by all and ended up being a victory for Dalton and his boys.

The ArmChair General may be publishing these rules so look for 'The Boys' to come to a FLGS soon! It is an excellent set of historically accurate rules in which either the British decimate the zulus or the zulus destroy the brits. There are very little games where the game ends like ours did with a phyric victory for one side or the other.

Warning - Rant Ahead - After the con, Em and Matt from On The Lamb games and I decided to go get some food at a local dive called "Somewhere in Augusta". Let me tell you. They should have called it "Crap food in Augusta with absolutely no service what-so-ever so do not even think about trying to get anything to eat let alone something cold to drink" in Augusta. The BLT was straight out of the pages of 'when bad food attacks' and could have been a contender for 'attack of the killer tomatoes'.

We waited there for about twenty minutes before the waitress even deigned to come to our table and ask us for our drink order. Ok we got coke zero and proceeded to make our order when she walked off - strike one for Somewhere in Augusta. When she came back she actually asked me if I would like a refill. DUH. Granted by the time she came back to be fair to her my drink was completely empty so you know that makes perfect sense to ask if someone wants a drink when they have an empty cup - strike two for Somewhere in Augusta.

At this point we all just wanted to eat so I ordered a BLT thinking it would be quick. Well was I mistaken. Let me tell you, they must have raised the pig, then fed the pig and then taken the pig to a drive in movie starring Wilbur because by the time I got my BLT it had been twenty more minutes. Really? twenty minutes to put bacon on some bread and toss in some tomato and lettuce.

See, at 'Somewhere in Augusta' they have a system for making BLTS they first put the bacon bits- wait no scratch that  not bacon bits, beggin strips, you know the dog food that is imitation bacon. Yep that's what they used. Then they take a piece of lettuce and fold it in half and smash it with a rolling pin, after that they take one small tiny tomato (can't give the customer too much here it's where the cost really comes from) and put it on the most awful tasting bread in the history of baking before tossing in some fries. Eh, the fries were the best part and they tasted like cardboard.

Here's a picture of their so-called 'Super BLT'. Super - super crappy. Point of fact - do NOT go to Somewhere in Augusta.


  1. I thought talk of burning hospitals was bad, but then I got to the part about eating pigs!

    Good write up and good pics too - except that last one maybe..! Interesting that the system generally gives a decisive result, but it seems especially right for sides with dramatically different strengths.

  2. Glad your having a Good convention, I could have warned you about mystery meat restaurants, Thats why I always go to chain.s like Chili's or eat at the hotel.

    I had to cancel going to Augusta at the last minute due to circumstances beyond my control. Hope you take some more pics of other convention games.