Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Grays Prepare their War Machines!

Here are the offical Rebel Minis Grays and Tripod War Machines. There is a larger variant of the Tripod called the Skvani War Walker that will also be available. I have started working on them and as you can see they are getting ready for war! The Tripod machines come with several options. I loaded mine with all of them! The Grays come in multiple poses and have an assortment of weapons.

I primed the Tripods and the Grays and am about to drybrush and ink the Grays to give them depth. The Tripods were sprayed with Chrome paint. I think that the Chrome really brings out the style of the tripod war machines that I want.

He's waving goodbye to the Humans

Thanks to Eli Arndt for the Gray sketch. This or something very close to this will be in the final book.


  1. They look fantastic, more than detailed enough and with a strong sense of movement. They're even a little scary!

  2. They look great....I'll have to get a few!

  3. Thanks guys. I finished the tripods last night and will post them when I get the chance.