Saturday, January 1, 2011

F4 Phantom II Squadron

This weekend has been very productive for me. Already so far today I have been able to put together the five F4 Phantoms I have been holding onto since I got them from Rapier Con 2009!

These were simple and fun models to put together from and fit together nicely considering they were snap tight models.  Now I need to figure out what squadron to make them and what colors to paint them. I do know that they will be USAF Vietnam. 

I am sitting here at a makeshift work station that used to resemble my living room coffee table watching the Military Channel's program on the U-Boats. I'd love to hear your suggestions on how to finish this squadron.


  1. These look like pretty good-sized models. Are you going to use them for gaming?

    As far as suggestions go, I'd definitely for the camouflaged top paint scheme, that always looked cool on F4's.

  2. @Gyro - They are 1/72 scale models that I plan on using for gaming. They have their landing gear down though but I might just ignore that when I put them on flight stands anyway. I like the idea of having the landing gear down so I can do airport battles.

    The camo top sounds about right. Wasn't it camo on top and gray on the bottom?

  3. Have you ever considered making tarmack bases with the landing gear built onto the base? Then you made sockets in the bottom of the jets.

  4. @ Eli- No but that's an interesting idea. How would you go about doing that and still allow for the tarmac to be used without the air craft?