Saturday, January 15, 2011

CoTS - Desert Princess Part I

Last night the Chronicles of the Six found themselves with some down-time in a small port town off the coast of the Jungles of Chult. They met, and befriended a Calimshani merchant from Calimport named Ravi who's sister Sharazhad was being held by a Pasha in the Sapphire Palace. Being good heroes they decided to help Ravi who sold them some very exotic magical items and then flew them on a magic carpet to the desert kingdom of Calimshan.

Meanwhile, the Necrolords have fully begun to spread their menace over Faerun and our heroes learn that they have been stuck in the Domains of Dread for seven years. Further,they have learned that The Mummy Lord or Rot Lord has taken over the sands of Calimshan where they are heading, the agents of the Hands and Eyes of Vecna are everywhere and all of the legendary personalities of Faerun have disappeared without a trace.

Elminster the Sage, Khelben Blackstaff Arunson, Lady Silvermoon, King Azoun, all gone...

A new player joined us last night, Chele, Al's girlfriend. She made a halfling cleric of the halfling goddess of nature. Her character concept is that she is a mid-wife.  This fit in perfectly for my plans and I had her assigned by the Pasha to guard over Sharazhad until the Pasha could get to her appropriately.

When she went to wake her charge from her afternoon nap she was gone and all that was left were shreds of old tattered wrappings. Thinking (correctly) that her master would punish her for losing her charge she began to check the palace grounds.

Our hero's land and begin to check out the palace grounds for themselves, finding a garden and meeting the strange halfling woman who tells them that nothing is wrong. She fails her bluff check and is quite obviously distraught by anyone really paying much attention to her. The palace guards appear to be mostly for show and they quickly discover that the way that some of the servants carry themselves betray them to be more than just servants.

Ariadnie investigates a satellite location of Candlekeep called Candlespire and is granted access to the higher circles of magic lore contained within as well as runs into a possible family member of Kreek Eveningstar and her old mentor and friend from Silverymoon. Perusing the knowledge she learns that the Djinn Masters once brought the first people from Al Quadim to Calimshan, that the Djinn created the Genies to serve them and that the Pashas all have some Genie blood flowing through their veins. In addition, she learned that there is always one 'servent' among each of the Pashas that is really a trapped Genie. The Genie will give three wishes but with the wishes comes three curses if the wishes are impure.

Kreek and Marcus learn that the city is ancient and that there are wererats that work for the Pashas. An extensive network of wererats works for the Pasha that holds the sister of their new friend Ravi. They learn that the wererats probably lair in the large sewers that run beneath the sands.

The evening ends as the halfling woman Amberrose Tealeaf is following the trail of wrappings to an inn when she is ambushed by agents of the Night. The Mummy warns her that she will soon be joining them in the eternal shadows and spits forth a swarm of scarab beetles. The shadows and mummy quickly attack her and momentarily catch her off guard. The party had just sat down to a nice dinner (why does it always happen at dinner?) and happened to be looking at the right window when they saw the darkness rise and the shadows materialize. Rushing to her aid Kreek's arrows and Whisper's sneak attack (he has a cool feat that allows him to sneak attack undead) found their marks and the Mummy's despair had no effect. Grusk leaped out of the window to the aid of the cleric halfling who was down to three points of strength because of the shadow's relentless attacks.

Finally, backing out of the scarab swarms, Amberrose Tealeaf prayed to her goddess and used her turning ability. She rolled 20 points of damage. Three shadows at 3 HD and one Mummy at 5 HD = NO more undead. The radiant light from her holy spring shone forth and blasted all of the undead. Ariadnie mentioned that Amberrose should be looked after and after she was left alone with the scarab swarm she summoned a fireball that returned the scarabs to the dust.

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