Sunday, January 9, 2011

CoTS - The Conclusion of the Drow Abbey

Drow Guards
Last night the Chronicles of the Six party gathered at my house to play out the conclusion of the Drow Abbey. If you recall the COTS were stuck within the shadowy confines of Ravenloft in the Domains of Dread and were on a quest to retrieve something for Baron Von Zarovich in the lands of Kartakass. While in the town of Bell they were charged with a task to keep Harkon Lucas' son from registering in the Miestersinger contest and had discovered that the wine from the nearby abbey had been poisoned.

Drow Bladesinger and Rogues

Investigating further they learned that there was a matron Drow responsible for the abbey and so they decided to attack the abbey. Last year they had barely penetrated the thick walls surrounding the abbey and had only breached the entrance halls to the abbey itself. Tonight they must defeat the Drow Matron and her underlings if they will ever have any chance to return to their beloved Faerun.

Will the heroes be able to defeat the Drow menace or will the dark powers of the Drow end up turning the heroes into sour grapes?

Tonight's characters are:
Kreek Eveningstar, Gold Elf Ranger played by my wife, Melanie
Araidine Moonshadow, Moon Elf Mage played by Lisel
Grusk, 1/2 Orc Monk of Kelemvor played by Randy
Whisper, Gnome Rogue/Cleric of shadows played by Al
Qui, Chultan amazon human scout played by Chele
Daldoth, Orc Barbarian/Fighter played by Justin
Marcus, 1/2 Elf Ranger/Bard NPC
The Matron Drow and her Underlings

Grusk uses Dimension Door but the unexpected nature of the magic of Ravenloft sends him to another room


  1. I truly hope that the Matron is up to the task of defeating yet another over zealous bunch of "do-gooders", who honestly have nothing better to do than disrupt what must truly be a legitimate enterprise and lawful actions on the part of the Matron Mother and her 'children'.

    Then again, I suppose that if the adventurers didn't have an outlet for their aggressions they would wind up becoming the bad guys and everyone would be looking at the "na'ar do well" for help.

  2. @ladyskunk - Drow just cannot get a break these days.