Monday, January 31, 2011

Calimshan - The Sapphire Palace

The Chronicles of the Six party has returned from Ravenloft to Faerun only to be drawn into yet another plot of intrigue and danger. While in Chult perusing the wares of a merchant they learned that his sister Shaharazad was taken by the Pasha of the Sapphire Palace to be one of his concubines. The merchant pleaded with the group to follow him to Calimport if they would rescue his sister.  By means of a magical flying carpet the party arrives in Calimport within less than a day’s travel.

In Calimport they investigate the Sapphire Palace, meet and befriend a Halfling cleric who is being attacked by shadows and mummies – agents of the Rot Lord, learn of the underworld of Calimport, its were-population, and are sent on a dangerous journey into the sands…

This session was podcasted starting immediately after they met the Halfling. In this session, the players made plans and worked alliances to try to prepare for the upcoming quest.

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  1. That short snapshot hints at real adventure. Great names - the Rot Lord is a favourite for the sound and simplicity.