Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Against the Heroes - Attacking the Shipping Lanes

Wyverns and Riders sighted off the bow
We reconvened the against the heroes game tonight. The group decided to do some pirating to test out their new airship. Being very smart PCs they asked their employer Galin if he had anything to deliver to Semiba. He did have a crate which they loaded. The crate had a heartbeat. They left the crate alone in the deck thinking better than to question their Dhampire patron.

After three days flight they found a large merchantman sitting low in the water in the middle of the moonsea coming from the direction of Zhentil Keep.They found some Zhents and attacked them. Unfortunately the Zhents had wyverns air patrolling their merchant ship. What followed was an aerial battle between ship and beast.

Closing in for the wing attack

Someone get this overgrown lizard off my ship!

Another attacks from behind!
This game was not podcasted as Jeremy called in via the computer to play.


  1. The Dhampire told the party they could open it but they never did. Since I have players on here that are in the game I really shouldn't say. I will give a hint though in that it is not something 'alive' in the classical sense.