Monday, January 31, 2011

Calimshan - The Sapphire Palace

The Chronicles of the Six party has returned from Ravenloft to Faerun only to be drawn into yet another plot of intrigue and danger. While in Chult perusing the wares of a merchant they learned that his sister Shaharazad was taken by the Pasha of the Sapphire Palace to be one of his concubines. The merchant pleaded with the group to follow him to Calimport if they would rescue his sister.  By means of a magical flying carpet the party arrives in Calimport within less than a day’s travel.

In Calimport they investigate the Sapphire Palace, meet and befriend a Halfling cleric who is being attacked by shadows and mummies – agents of the Rot Lord, learn of the underworld of Calimport, its were-population, and are sent on a dangerous journey into the sands…

This session was podcasted starting immediately after they met the Halfling. In this session, the players made plans and worked alliances to try to prepare for the upcoming quest.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Grays stage two of invasion

I am about 1/2 way done painting the Grays. The Grays will soon be available in two different packs both retailing for 39.95 USD. You can go to our site at whenthenavywalked to get the packs in about two week,s.

 Grays Abduction Pack

24 Grays With Guns (Two units of 12)
Two Tripods (One unit of Machines)
3 Unarmed Grays (Leader Stand)

Gray Zeltar Telepath Pack
24 Grays Zetans (Zeltars) (Two units of 12)
Two Tripods (One unit of Machines)
3 Unarmed Grays (Leader Stand)

The British packs will come available sometime after the Grays. Mike is doing a fantastic job over at Rebel Minis. Check out his site. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Grays Prepare their War Machines!

Here are the offical Rebel Minis Grays and Tripod War Machines. There is a larger variant of the Tripod called the Skvani War Walker that will also be available. I have started working on them and as you can see they are getting ready for war! The Tripod machines come with several options. I loaded mine with all of them! The Grays come in multiple poses and have an assortment of weapons.

I primed the Tripods and the Grays and am about to drybrush and ink the Grays to give them depth. The Tripods were sprayed with Chrome paint. I think that the Chrome really brings out the style of the tripod war machines that I want.

He's waving goodbye to the Humans

Thanks to Eli Arndt for the Gray sketch. This or something very close to this will be in the final book.

WTNW Grays

The Grays will be in their complete form in the WTNW Conflict on Mars book but I am going to go ahead and put up an army for them on Wargamevault as a free download. It should be up in a few days (if not today). I will update this post and tell everyone when they are up. The army will coincide with the packs we are putting together with Rebel Minis.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


WTNW Core just went to print! I will have the physical book in my hands in two weeks!

WTNW Miniatures!!!

I am happy to announce that Rebel Minis will be carrying some of our miniatures and that people will be able to purchase the Machines and Capital Units from Die Waffen Kammer.  We are currently putting together the Rebel Mini packs and working with Jeff at Die Waffen Kammer to get the masters for the Machines and Capital Units.

Look for the Rebel Minis WTNW Battle Packs in the near future and look for the Machines and Capital Units from Die WaffenKammer later in the year! Mike at Rebel Minis has been very good to us and has an excellent selection of miniatures for other games from Ambush Alley Games and Two Hour Wargames as well as an assortment of other very nice 15mm miniatures. Jeff over at Die WaffenKammer has some excellent 28mm WWII miniatures in high-quality resin.

In addition, we are still working with Arsenale Shipworks to produce masterful airships and concepts for our miniatures. These guys have a great selection of pirate ships, sailing vessels and VSF airships. Check out their line by emailing Jim.

Eli Arndt, Brent Rogers and Jim Pozzetta will be doing some of the concepts and sculpts under my direction and visions. Joey Caso will still be doing all our art and design layout.

Darby Eckles of Two Hour Wargames: FNG will be doing the maps for the six scenarios for Conflict On Mars!

James Miller over at Scrying Eye Games will continue to provide cover illustration and we may be doing other projects with On The Lamb and Pulp Alley.

I am really happy to have such great talent aboard!

Monday, January 24, 2011

SOA 2011 Update - The Rest of the Con

Friday night I played Brushfire. I was the Empire of Aquitar and my opponent was Mare-Civitas. I had some Weasel fusiliers, The Mole Tactician and a Badger-At-Claw. He had a Capybara Leader, Bowmen Mice and some nasty Rats. My objective was to get off the ship and capture the town. My Badger-At-Claw got creamed by a lucky critical roll against the bow mice but not before he almost took out the entire rat unit. My Weasels met defeat at the hands of the bow mice and the Capybara. Great game. I will be playing the Shogunate of Ribenguo when I get into the game myself.

SOA 2011 Update - Saturday WTNW Game

Saturday Morning I ran a demo of When The Navy Walked featuring the Germans held up in the government building in the city of Wyversburg in the German Colony of Iker. The scenario used the German list from the WTNW Core rule book (Army Section I with the Artillery unit from Army Section II) versus the Red Martian list from WTNW: Conflict on Mars and the British Army list from WTNW Core (Army Section I).

The Germans had captured a Red Martian ambassador and several key British leaders and were holding them in the building as war prisoners. The German’s objective was to hold the building for d6 turns after their reinforcements were sighted on turn two.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

SOA 2011 Con Update - Friday NIght (Zulus and Food Friday)

The con is going fairly well.  Friday night we played Rorkes Drift ran by Chris Pagino. I played on the side of the Zulus and was successful in setting fire to the hospital. We decided to keep our sharpshooters on Knopp hill as historically accurate (and best to shoot the British when they are on the other side of the mealy bag wall.  I had 5 units in my Ibutho of 20 troops each as well as the Prince. The other players each had five or four units in their Ibuthos. 

The first two turns had our side making a mad rush to the hospital. Unfortunately the rest of the zulu's were waiting somewhere else and had decided to not yet join the attack. After another turn we had one of the player's other zulus finally show up on the opposite side of the mission station from my boys. The brits rained down martini henry death and managed to decimate many of the zulu units and only took a few casualties each turn.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

ACG Booth Babe (Ok so it's my wife) :)

Here are some nice pictures of our new polo shirt that my wife is sporting. First official The ArmChair General booth babe! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DM Advice - Balanced Treasure

This week’s DM Advice column is advice I am seeking from other DMs and it deals with a tricky subject – treasure. More specifically, it deals with magical items and magical treasure. How much is appropriate for a party based on the types of encounters they have overcome and the places that they have explored?  How can a DM devise a way to ensure that the party is always properly equipped without resorting to Monty haul tactics or DM fiat? Let us look at the challenges.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Building a Company in an RPG versus the Real World

It is so much easier to build a company in the gaming world than it is to build one in real life. Even my little DBA The ArmChair General has already cost more gold pieces than I would have to spend setting up a multinational corporation in Shadowrun. Good thing that game designers do not require fictitious name ads, domain host registration, copyright registration, local sales tax, federal EINs, etc. WOW!

It is going along nicely but it's expensive! WTNW is a great game system. Check it out! I'm just saying.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

PDF copies of When The Navy Walked will be available at Siege of Augusta on CD. In addition to the main core book this WTNW Mega Pack includes both the Machine and Capital Unit damage trackers and the scenario Rorke's Drift! We will be running several demos at the convention. Come by and check out our table!

Also, don't forget about the design your own landship contest. Entries are due by the end of the month and we already have some great ones! For those of you who submitted, thank you for wanting to make WTNW your world as well!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

CoTS - Desert Princess Part I

Last night the Chronicles of the Six found themselves with some down-time in a small port town off the coast of the Jungles of Chult. They met, and befriended a Calimshani merchant from Calimport named Ravi who's sister Sharazhad was being held by a Pasha in the Sapphire Palace. Being good heroes they decided to help Ravi who sold them some very exotic magical items and then flew them on a magic carpet to the desert kingdom of Calimshan.

Meanwhile, the Necrolords have fully begun to spread their menace over Faerun and our heroes learn that they have been stuck in the Domains of Dread for seven years. Further,they have learned that The Mummy Lord or Rot Lord has taken over the sands of Calimshan where they are heading, the agents of the Hands and Eyes of Vecna are everywhere and all of the legendary personalities of Faerun have disappeared without a trace.

Elminster the Sage, Khelben Blackstaff Arunson, Lady Silvermoon, King Azoun, all gone...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

WTNW - Independent Review Part III - WTNW Overall

Today Porky has finished his review of the system. I am very pleased that he enjoyed the game system and did so admirable a job of reviewing all the various aspects of the game. It is this standard that I will hold myself to in the future reviews of products here at armchairgeneralblog.

As to his review I have taken his points and have already started to develop ideas from them for the future of WTNW. Not take it out of context, the review goes on to say that less experienced gamers may take a little bit to get used to the format. I think this quote sums it up for me and makes me quite a very happy game designer.

"The game as a whole hovers, in very general terms, somewhere between 'above average' and 'good'. For more experienced gamers I'd say this score is much more towards the upper end of that range, and even 'very good'."

From Under A Rock - Saving it for Later

I always try to respond to my reader's comments and Alfrik made a great one in this post regarding poison use. Basically his point, and it was a good one, was that a player should be able to save the poison for later use if they manage to defeat a giant scorpion or other some such monstrosity. The trouble is that he is absolutely right in saying that many DMs dissuade or outright deny the use of poison in their games. I will go further and state that many DMs also disallow staves, wands and other cool magical items that they arm their NPC villains with to fall into the hands of the PCs. This is usually but not always done through a use of cleverly designed pitfalls and unfortunate events that leave the pcs unable to take advantage of what they have gained.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WTNW - Independent Review Part II - WTNW Rules

I think Porky is doing a marvelous job at telling the strengths and weaknesses of our system in his three party review. His review is completely independent of The ArmChair General and very honest and candid listing both the positive and negative aspects of WTNW. Click the link to see the second part of the review - the rules. Great job Porky!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Against the Heroes - Attacking the Shipping Lanes

Wyverns and Riders sighted off the bow
We reconvened the against the heroes game tonight. The group decided to do some pirating to test out their new airship. Being very smart PCs they asked their employer Galin if he had anything to deliver to Semiba. He did have a crate which they loaded. The crate had a heartbeat. They left the crate alone in the deck thinking better than to question their Dhampire patron.

WTNW Second Edition Cover Illustration and Independent Review

When I started The ArmChair General and began work on When The Navy Walked last year I had no idea how great this project would turn out! I feel that this cover encompasses everything I set out to show in WTNW, from the steambot in the foreground and the lone solider standing valiantly against it with the ironclad tank to the foreground at the right and the airship in the sky far up in the background preparing to drop bombs on the unseen forces beneath.

A big thank you goes out to James Miller of Scrying Eye Games for this wonderfully accurate cover illustration for When The Navy Walked Second Edition.

I am not just saying this because he has provided the cover either I have just about every one of his products including his really cool Ravenlands sets. I encourage everyone who wants good quality products to check out his company!

Also, be sure to check out Porky's Expanse independent review of When The Navy Walked background and setting here.

Old WOD Vampire meets HBOs True Blood

I've come to the conclusion that we've been playing so much fantasy RPG with our group we need to take a break and play something a little different. Sure I love fantasy but I also love horror gaming. So Saturday I made an announcement. If you listened to the podcast of the conclusion of the Drow Abbey then you already know what that announcement was.

I am going to run a Vampire the Masquerade game using the old World of Darkness rules set in Patricia Waddell's True Blood setting as seen on HBO's True Blood. Most everyone already knows of or has seen the show True Blood on HBO. The story is a good one about Sookie Stackhouse who has some kind of telepathic powers and a vampire boyfriend. The vampires are 'out of the coffin' and have joined regular society through the invention of a synthetic blood called 'Tru Blood'. The problem is that most vampires would rather drink the real thing. Coupled with this is an underground market that sells vampire blood, called 'V' which is a sort of Ecstasy like concoction and you have the basis for an interesting story set in the rural community of Bon Temps (pronounced Bon Ton) Lousiana.

The concept will be that the players are all vampires who work for the Magistrate who are sent undercover into Louisiana to ferret out who in vampire kind is selling and distributing V. Since everyone in our gaming group watches or has watched True Blood they already know who did it in the show but I will be delivering some plot twists to change up the story by adding elements of VtM's World of Darkness and Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire world.

Stay tuned for more information! And as Russel put it on the show after disemboweling the new's caster "Now back to Tiffany with the weather."

Image is copyright HBO and is being used without permission.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

CoTS - The Conclusion of the Drow Abbey

Drow Guards
Last night the Chronicles of the Six party gathered at my house to play out the conclusion of the Drow Abbey. If you recall the COTS were stuck within the shadowy confines of Ravenloft in the Domains of Dread and were on a quest to retrieve something for Baron Von Zarovich in the lands of Kartakass. While in the town of Bell they were charged with a task to keep Harkon Lucas' son from registering in the Miestersinger contest and had discovered that the wine from the nearby abbey had been poisoned.

Drow Bladesinger and Rogues

Investigating further they learned that there was a matron Drow responsible for the abbey and so they decided to attack the abbey. Last year they had barely penetrated the thick walls surrounding the abbey and had only breached the entrance halls to the abbey itself. Tonight they must defeat the Drow Matron and her underlings if they will ever have any chance to return to their beloved Faerun.

Will the heroes be able to defeat the Drow menace or will the dark powers of the Drow end up turning the heroes into sour grapes?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DM Advice - Dangers of Using Poison In Your Campaign

Monsters can be very challenging to our players what with their natural attacks, weapons, spells, special attacks and special abilities and I believe most players enjoy fighting monsters under these circumstances. However as a Dungeon Master I absolutely must say that the number one most dangerous character killer is poison.

Let's take a real life example of the common almost humble scorpion. Most of us have at least a modicum of respect for this diminutive little arachnid and it's cousins the spiders but why? It surely cannot be their size. Even the largest scorpions only grow to be about the size of a house cat. So why then do we treat the critters with such care? For starters the critters are just plain alien compared to us humans but their difference in appearance is not the reason we treat them with respect.

It's their venom.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

When The Navy Walked - Site Up

We're kicking the new year off with a bang! Our company site for When The Navy Walked is now up. On the site you will find products, links, updates, faq's and upcoming events! Feel free to stop on by and give me your opinion on the site by replying to this blog post.

F4 Phantom II Squadron

This weekend has been very productive for me. Already so far today I have been able to put together the five F4 Phantoms I have been holding onto since I got them from Rapier Con 2009!

These were simple and fun models to put together from and fit together nicely considering they were snap tight models.  Now I need to figure out what squadron to make them and what colors to paint them. I do know that they will be USAF Vietnam. 

I am sitting here at a makeshift work station that used to resemble my living room coffee table watching the Military Channel's program on the U-Boats. I'd love to hear your suggestions on how to finish this squadron.