Saturday, October 30, 2010

Horror Movies Tonight

Tonight it's candy and horror movies followed by a nice night with my wife.  Tomorrow it's trick or treating and crazyness with the kiddos!  Who's going to OD on candy?  I know I will!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghosts - Ghouls and Goblins oh my!

As Halloween weekend quickly approaches, I find myself getting my kids ready for some trick or treat action and planning for our small Halloween get-together ala party.  I do not know about you but I love this time of year when the leaves are changing and people seem to be a bit happier.  I am not entirely sure if it is the weather that is changing everyone’s moods or if the summer is just so unbearable that it makes people grouchier.  Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in between both suppositions.  Now I know many of us really enjoy this holiday when we get to scare the Bejesus out of each other especially our children and our spouses and as we prepare for the bit T Day for us Americans when thousands of Turkeys will be given up for many.  So as you dress your kids, your dogs and your cats for the Halloween holiday and prepare for trick or treating and parties I ask you all how many of you love this holiday as much as I do?  Ghosts, ghouls and goblins.  For a gamer is there anything sweeter?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WTNW - RPG In Progess and WTNW Core II Print on Demand Available Soon!

The working title of the When the Navy Walked - Steampunk RPG from Armchairgeneral is "WTNW - Superspies of the Great Powers" the game will have heroes as spies, engineers, designers, etc in the world of WTNW.

In addition, our team has been working to get a print on demand version of the core II rules to Wargamevault!  Hopefully soon we will have a print on demand option for our titles!
Look for Conflict on Mars coming soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rise of the Fallen Star - Surprise Counterattack!

Tonight's game used miniatures from the dnd line and Reaper and the Hexeden Keep map from Scrying Eye Games.  Tonight's game I messed up my map of Faerun with a blue vis a vis when I drew the borders for the Wolflord around the jungles of Chult.  Tonight's game was brought to you by the letter M.

Skeletons advance
 In Rise of the Fallen Star tonight as the party returned to Highmoon from attacking the Nightlord town of Steel they were surprise attacked at their base of operations by the people that ran in the previous game. They beat the undead, the Zhents and the ghasts commanded by the Mage and the Warforged, Rogue and Priest and Alcolyte of Bane. Before they were attacked a lot of roleplaying went on as the map of Faerun was placed under some Plexiglas and the oracle named Umbral told tales of where the other Necrolords might be hidden in their prisons. Some plans were made and plots consummated and the group started to wonder about the coming of Starfell, the Holiday in the solstice.
The party prepares their positions

The Zhents and the priest of Bane

Skeletal Archers take position on the wall

Ghasts attack from the flank!

The battle rages on!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quiet!! I hear Charlie!

There's Charlie in that jungle

Here are a few pictures of the Vietnam game I setup in the game room yesterday and finished today.  Although there are no forces out other than the medivac chopper sitting on the Firebase, just imagine the grunts in the F/B as the VC stalk the nearby triple canopy jungle.  We just may very well use Warengine to run this time and will probably do both a historically actuate fiction and a 20mm US troops in Vietnam versus zombies and possibly Arachnids! I am also wanting to use this setup for an Ambush Valley game and finally an Unconventional Warfare game using some Mike Force to sweep and clear the jungle.

Firebase Stormlord

View from Mongoose "Cayuse"

View of water buffalo pen and the jungle

Saturday, October 23, 2010

CoTS - Test of the Dark Ones (Halloween Episode!)

The party finds itself on a road between the world of the living and the dead...  Ahead is a large town bordered by farmlands, swamplands and a forest.  A bell tolls in the distance it's hollow ringing mournfully and somehow sad.

About thirty feet in front of the party a loan figure is seen standing in the middle of the road near the front gate to the town.  He is wearing light grey robes, has light brown hair and is of medium build.  He smiles sadly as he addresses the party his sing-song voice hollow but full of regret.

"Hello my friends and well met. I am Father Lakos of the church of Ezra. Our meeting is not chance and I regret that i bear dark tidings. Ahead is a large town where ye might find respite called Gannymeade once a powerful trading town now a ruin on the brink of starvation. Ye must move with haste and gather your forces!

Already I can hear the grave dirt stir, the circus of the damned moan, the count groan for the red drink, the doctor maddened by his hubris, the patch grow hungry for blood, the swamps cry for madness, the covens cackle and the town's morning as the Dark Tower grows cold upon the deserted place of souls. The terrible tune of dark secrets brings forth the final spasms from the well of death...

The Dark Ones have sought to test your mettle on this night of horrors. Tonight the realms merge and you will be tested against the darkness. Death's embrace shall make its mark with thirteen places of foreboding power guarded by fearsome horrors.

One by one ye must find the secrets of the gates and close them. Last ye enter the gates of Tarturus to return to the land of Kartakass.

If ye can find the keys and close the gates ye will be spared but unless ye can close all gates ye troubles will have just begun. Good luck friends may Ezra allow us to meet in the life after..."

(I will post pictures of the action after the game tonight! For now enjoy these pregame pics!)

Update:  The party made it through the game and closed all the gates and are now on their way back to Kartakass.  Sadly, Lance the Radient Sun of Lathander the Morninglord fell in battle versus the Master Vampire Dracula.  Dracula was defeated but only after he took quite the pounding from the party from magic and arrows.  The Pumpkin King, Ringmaster, Lizard Priests and Dr Frankenstein were all defeated...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

WTNW Demo and Brushfire Game

We ran the WTNW game demo for our new landship/airship artist Arsenale Shipworks.  I think Jim really liked the game and he was able to come up with some really great ideas that will help it out in the future when tracking damage on the ships.  The game featured Atlantians, the Gaal (Green Martians), the Germans and the Airpirates.  Their objective was to investigate a downed Overlord ship that had crashed into a nearby town.  They all ignored the objective and immediately set at destroying one another!  In glorious fashion Joey took out the Airpirates using his Gaal Zkor beasts (represented by the Starwars beasts from EP II) and was able to take out most of the Airpirate Infantry.  The Atlantians fared about as well against the Germans which put the game decisively into the hands of the Gaal.  Jim played the Airpirates and his son played the Germans on one side and my dad played the Atlantians and Joey played the Gaal.  I really enjoyed the game and we worked out several rules and got to use the neat airships from Arsenal.

Announcing Joey Caso as our graphics/layout guy!

Also I will be rolling out some neat changes that came about from the game in upcoming supplements for WTNW! Look for them out at

I forgot the camera in my haste to get to the game store so there are no pictures of the game.  I will have to remember to take pics next time.  I did take one pic with the camera phone but unfortunately I have no way of putting it onto the computer..

After the game I was privy to talk with Em and P from On the Lamb who were up from Palm Coast Florida to run demos.  At first we discussed the basic unit tactics but once Edgar arrived we decided to play a game. It was the Weasels versus the Mice (I forget all of the faction names).  The game was a lot of fun and we won.  I got to use the Gopher Engineers to toss dynamite and entrench while Edgar used the Badgers to deadly effect versus the Kangaroo Mice.  I really enjoyed the game and the people at On the Lamb should be well pleased with their Brushfire game!

Be sure to pick up and army builder from Brushfire for only 35 dollars US and pick up a few extras such as the Capabara Hero and Moleon (Napoleon as a Mole)!  The level of detail that they put into the game is nothing short of extraordinary. A big kudos for pointing a fledgling company in the right direction and a big kudos for the really well designed miniatures!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WTNW: Damage Tracker and Command Points Tracker

I just uploaded some freebies over at wargamevault!  The first is an MS Word file that is intended to be used to keep track of your command points each turn as you spend them in each phase.  The next file is actually three separate files that are also MS Word files that are to record the damage your Capital Unit or Machine takes during a game.  Print out one sheet for each Capital Unit and Machine Unit that you have and one Command Point Tracker for each player!

Enjoy!  Complements of Armchairgeneral!

Some more Neat Tripods I found on the web

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WTNW Core II Game

I'll be running a demo of the When the Navy Walked: Core II rules at Borderlands Comics and Games on Wednesday October 20 from about 6:00-9:00 immediately following our Jacksonville Garrison meeting.  I will be bringing enough for several games at once.  We will also be trying out some of the new rules from the Martian supplement!  Come join us if you are in town and have some fun in a game of Victorian Science Fiction!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What a Guy!

Whoever has the best response to what I was thinking when I came up with this idea or the best comment left will receive a free copy of WTNW: Core Rules II.

When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy.
You knew he was a good kid.
When he threatened your life with a switch blade knife.
What a guy.
Makes you cry.
And I did.

But he must have been drawn into something
Making him warn me in a note which reads
What's it say. What's it say.
I'm out of my head.
Hurry or I may be dead.
They mustn't carry out their evil deeds.

Burninating the Countryside

Me and my trusty Trodgor5000 are burninating the countryside but I wanted to ask your opinion on what you think of the Hobbit being filmed anywhere other than New Zeland? What? You haven't heard that Peter Jackson is considering moving the movie to another location after filming Hobbiton scenes?  Is it that the One Ring has caused Middle Earthers to become greedy and strike against the benevolent Peter Jackson who saved them from Animal Documentaries and Underpaying Tourists?  Could it be that Sauron has truly conquered all?  Curse that Gollum!

Comment, questions, concerns?? Share!  I'll be taking Trodgor5000 for a walk.  

Trogdor copywrite of Homestarrunner (great site) and Hobbit, Hobbiton, Middle Earth and Sauron copywrite of JRR Tolkien (though it SHOULD be public domain by now) and Peter Jackson copywrite Peter Jackson.

Trogdor goes Rural
Sing it with me "Burninating the countryside, burninating the peasants, burnanating all the people in their thatched roof cottages!  Their thatched roof cottages.. then trogdor comes in teh NIIIGHHTTT!"

Next up.. Trogdor versus Smaug

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Normandy - Alternate History (B17s and Tanks on the beach)

Allies Land
We played the Normandy game tonight Jer and my dad came over and we used the Rapid Fire rules with slight modifications to make the arty tables go quicker.  The game was a lot of fun.  The objective was the typical battle with the Allies trying to land on a defended beach but the twist was that they had German opposition in the form of Panthers and a Tiger II as well as the well entrenched fortified positions.  The Allied forces had a Sherman Aunt Jemima and an Infantry and Tank Battalion against a German Battalion of combined arms.
Jeeps pulling AT Guns

Round one had the Allies moving toward the beach with tanks capsizing and the LVT an LVP's taking heavy fire from machine gun nests on the beach.  The Allied destroyer and cruiser that were supporting the assault found some nice targets on the beach and hit a few bunkers but did little more than rattle the Germans. 

Round two the Allies landed some troops and lost a DUKK to heavy German fire. Unfortunately their HQ unit for the Battalion was in the DUKK but it and the engineers were able to make it to shore.  The tanks began landing behind the troops - Sherman Easy Eights and Chaffees.  The Germans began pounding the Allies as the Allied aircraft bombed the Germans from fighters and bombers.  Aunt Jamima was toast!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds

Jeff Wayne's WoTW
My friend Sean turned me onto this last Monday when he came by and suggested that I paint the saucer light portion of my Martian War Machines (the ones that look like manta rays) with a dark green color.  I did and it looks marvelous I must say.  Now for this musical War of the Worlds.  I admit that I have only heard two of their songs Thunderchild and The Spirit of Man.  Both of them are in a full orchestra complete with synthesizer and rock n roll guitars.  The beats are awe inspiring and my imagination just runs wild when I listen to it.  I am going to use Jeff's pictures from his musical below but I think he'll be OK with it because I am really promoting his site.  As they say on the musical.

"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one they said.  The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, yet still they come!"

1953 version

If anyone knows where I can buy a dvd here in the states that will work on my dvd player please let me know.  I looked all over their site and only could find region two dvds although they do have cds and I will be picking those up.  In fact when I run WTNW at my next convention at Siege of Augusta in 2011 I will see if I can play the Spirit of Man before the game to get everyone in the mood.

I feel confident in highly recommending this musical just on the music alone from what I have heard.  The guitars are used for the Martian gas projectors and beams and the chanting of 'ahhhh' are the Martians, the drums give a nice beat and the strings and synth come together to make a great cosmic voyage.  It's so cool!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stolen Tripod Ideas

If anyone has any idea how to make these I want to make some!  I was thinking it might be some kind of roundish container but not sure what they did for the legs. Then again these might be actual models.  Help!

Painting Desk

I painted up the large green Martians (may use them both in 28mm games and in 15mm games as a large race 12 ft.).  I also painted up the axebeaks and the cthulhu creature.  I painted some here and there tonight.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Introducing - The Gaal!

These are the green Martians.  They are bird-like humanoids who have light green skin and feathers for hair.  They do not have wings and use the fauna on Mars to battle against the Red Martians' flying ships.  They use large carnivorous birds as mounts as well in combat.  They are at a bronze age technology.

I converted some Macedonians for this purpose.  I tried to paint the helmets as the tops of their birdy heads and their plumage on the helmets made perfect representation for the birds.  These are old Greeks that my pop gave me that he had.  I have some cavalry for these guys too but I need to actually apply some green stuff or other putty to make the cavalry more Martian so I am going to add more legs and give them a beak.  What do you think?

Review of the WoTC Dungeons and Dragons Tile Boxset - The Dungeon

I swung by my local FLGS today and while there I decided to go ahead and pick up the box set of dungeon tiles that I have been eyeing for a few weeks now.  I got it home and unwrapped it and noted that there are more tiles in the box than there are in a normal set of tiles.  I took my other tile set and compared and it was actually two times as many tiles!  In addition, the top and bottom of the box is made of the same cardboard and can be used as an elevated layer in the dungeon!  I am pretty impressed with the tiles too as this time they actually stuck to putting an image on one side and the normal basic dungeon tile on the opposite so you can make the dungeon as big or as small as you want.  Also, all the doors are both open and closed!  Just flip the tile over when your party opens the door and wala!  Also the box is only about 1/2 full so you can continue to store your tiles in the box.  Here are some pictures of what you get in the box for $20.00.  I still think that Srying Eye Games offers more tiles for your money but these cardboard tiles and the box are well worth the price!  Next I will do some reviews on Scrying Eye Games tiles and Piazo's tiles.

Top and bottom of the box lids

This set is bigger than normal

Entire dungeon

My new daughter Bailey

Bailey was born Wednesday morning 4:16am 7lb 13ou 20 inches. We got to the hospital at 1:30 and Mel was in labor about six hours total including mild to moderate contractions before we left from about 9pm.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Against the Heroes - Goat Island

Tonight the Against the Heroes who are now calling themselves The Nemesis Project went to return the Rod of Dancing Elves to their patron Galin.  Unfortunately when they arrived at the Dancing Nymph they found that Galin's room had been ransacked and that several of his possessions and he himself was missing!  

In the room they find cloth from the Zhents and a map with a dagger that bears the likeness of two entwined undead serpents, a symbol of the Cult of the Dragon!  The dagger is on the moonsea and is on an island called Goat Island.  The island is believed to be owned by a Thayan enclave represented by the Magus Cockatrice.  A mage symbol of the gnome called Gnarl the Dark, an artificer and general practicitioner from Lantan. 

Joker is enraged that his possession were stolen and as the party investigates further they find that the Red Orb that belongs to Joker has also been stolen as well as several books on airships. Working for Joker they seek passage on the Sea Martyr (Joker won it in a bet against a priest of Illmatter) and head to the island in the middle of the Moon Sea to recover their kidnapped patron.  The captain of the Sea Martyr weighs anchor and sets our party on a skiff toward Goat Island as a Thayan Merchantman approaches...

In this game we used ships from arsenale shipworks and maps from Scrying Eye Games and Paizo.

pregame view from tower

WTNW Miniature Line Announcement

Announcing the official When the Navy Walked landship and airship builder!

I've been talking with Jim Pozzetta the great gentleman who owns arsenale shipworks and we are going to partner together to do some landships/airships and other models for When the Navy Walked!  This will be an official WTNW miniature line.  I am so excited about this.

What will we offer?  Martian Airships, UFOs, Tripods, Landships (Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships).  Then you can use these models with your normal 15mm Colonial or WW1 armies and easily have enough to play a great game of When the Navy Walked!

We are meeting over the next few weeks to do some planning.  Yes folks he is local, in fact he and I live in the very same city!  If you are not excited about WtNW and the products coming out and you are a fan of Victorian Science Fiction then I encourage you to go download the free Rorke's Drift ruleset from by clicking on the banner ad at the top of this blog!

Also don't forget that until the end of October the WtNW Core Rules 2 pdf download is available from Wargamevalt for only $10!  That's a huge price savings compared to the normal 15 USD!

In case you do not know what his incredible ships look like here are some examples.  If you are into ships at all for any reason I encourage you to contact Jim and get some of his ships on his ebay store or contact him via email and work something out!  I already have almost his entire line and I have to say that I've enjoyed using his ships in a variety of ways including RPGs, Pirate Games, Skirmish Scenarios and As a background for Seacoast battles!

Merchant Caravel



Dreadhull Model coming soon!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Forum

After some research I've found a free forum which I plan on using in conjunction with my blog.  I have linked the forum under the picture of the nice shiny steampunk goggles.  I pulled that image from steampunk empire without permission so if you or anyone from there does not wish me to use it let me know and I'll find something else.  For now though I've created several categories within the forum including When the Navy Walked, Nightlord Saga and a few generic ones as well.  Feel free to signup and start posting in the forum as well as here in the blog!

Also, I got some really great feedback from the guys over at 15mm VSF with regard to When the Navy Walked.  They will most likely be playing it soon and doing their own review.  Check out it if you have not already!  They have a great site.  Also be sure to keep an eye out for the great conversions Eli has been making over at ISLP and J's newest Aethergraph issue and photos over at VBiR.

Photo from John Carter of Mars (Used without permission)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

On the Painting Desk

These are the incumbents on my painting desk.  One of our local FLGS went out of business earlier this year and I picked up some guys for my pulp.  The Ettin I've had for years.  I picked up all the Cronoscope line from Reaper that I could get my hands on that would work for pulp.  This is a mixture of Reaper and of Cronoscope figures with the Zulus being irregular I believe.


Cthulhu Creature

Friday, October 1, 2010

WTNW: Airpirates!

Kaor Friends!

With WTNW: Conflict On Mars! away to the editor I've dived straight into the WTNW: Airpirates! supplement.  This supplement will offer Sailing Rules and rules for wind speed and direction as well as more in-depth boarding actions between the decks of massive flying ships and the history of the Airpirates and of Earthin. I am looking for some artists who are interested in getting their names out there.  At this time I really cannot pay for any contributions but I will put your name in the book and you will be on the ground floor of this new system.  I have had a lot of really good feedback about WTNW and I have taken all the comments, critiques and considerations into mind when putting Conflict on Mars and Airpirates together.  Future supplements will include scenario books and more in-depth looks at the forces and personalities of the Great Powers and of the world of WTWN.  Also on the back burner is the idea for turning WTNW into a RPG and a very lite skirmish game that would be very much like Samuari Skirmish.  I hope you like what I and others have labored to create and that you continue to sail into the Aether to seek adventure and fortune!

Attacking the British colony of Victoriana the German and Southern New Atlantic Colony forces mass outside of the gates...

The Germans ally with the Southern US against the North and British Colonies of Victoriana. In the background imported Venusian Bahmbugs are prepped by their Keepers for the upcoming battle against the Royal Martian Crown Forces.  Ubergeneral Hjalmar Kaus has set his sights on the Skiff factory and intends to capture the factory for his own war machine while Southern Brigade General Lande Lee has his eyes set on the textiles and munitions depots.  The small garrison of Royal Martian Crown Forces seem determined to keep the colony safe from the enemy and their forces.

The North American and Royal Forces

Vensian Bhambugs and a Lite Cruser Landkril class

Bhambugs attack the front line

An observation baloon is knocked out of the sky