Friday, September 24, 2010

WtNW: Conflict on Mars (First Draft Sent)

I just sent my first draft of WTNW: Conflict on Mars to my editor!  This is intended to be a supplement book that will contain a few extra rules for Martian combat such as skiff combat and some new edges and flaws.  It also has a brief overview of the history of the Overlords and a short description of the start of the current war on mars The Red Wars.

I am contemplating writing up several scenarios and including them in this book for the major battles and some of the more important skirmishes in the Red Wars but wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts were on that first.  Should I write up scenarios or leave the book with the fluff and the rules and let people make up their own?  I have included some sample armies in the back but the system is the same point build system and is intended to be easy to use and to create armies.

So I poll you my fine readers and fans of WTNW should I develop some scenarios in WTNW: Conflit on Mars or should I not?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

House Rules for playing with Redshirts and Secondary Characters

I was discussing the idea of allowing players to have multiple characters today over dinner and later with another friend after I got back to the hotel and came up with the following ideas.  I am thinking that in the Rise of the Fallen Stars game that I might allow the players to pay 1000 exps to get a Secondary character.  The character would following the regular rules plus the ones outlined below and would in effect be a backup/secondary character.  All experience point awards would go to the player and not the character.  The player could put the experience in whatever character they want.  The Extra would not be given exps and would basically be the new rules for followers since one of the players has taken the Leadership feat.  What are your thoughts?  This is a work in progress and may work better for a Call of Cthluhu, Gurps Horror or Vagabond game than Pathfinder or DND but here's the Dnd/Pathfinder rules that I have come up with.

Stars, Action Heroes and Extras
House Rules for playing with Redshirts and Secondary Characters

Each player may only have one Star and one Action Hero at a time.  A player may have any number of extras.  A player may only have one character on scene during the game and may not switch between the characters during a combat scene as the character is assumed to be off screen or in the background.  A player may not share information or treasure with other characters that they are playing.  When an Action Hero or Extra dies or is removed from the game their treasure cannot be divided among the party and is removed from the game as well.  Experience points are awarded to the player and not the character.
There are three categories of characters.

·         Stars - This is your primary character and the one that you will put the most time into.  This character is not limited and follows the normal rules in the game.  You will want to write up a detailed background on your Star and create the character using the standard rules.  Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest for each stat rerolling all results of one.   A star can never be on scene when you are playing your Action Hero or an extra.

·         Action Heroes – This is your secondary character.  You will want to write a brief background describing your Action Hero and create the character using the standard rules.  All stats start at 10, roll a 1d10, and divide the roll among the attributes.  Your Action Hero must always be at least three levels lower than your Star and may never advance above three levels lower.  If your Star dies then your Action Hero can be promoted to a star automatically when you purchase an Action Hero slot for so many 1,000 xps.  A secondary character can never multiclass but they may take one prestige class if they meet the requirements.   An Action Hero can never be on scene when you are playing your Star or an extra.

·         Extras – These characters are meant to be the extras of the story.  Extras will face monsters and they will perish.  An extra rolls a d20+1d8 for everything and only requires a one paragraph explanation of the character.  Extras do not have levels and do not advance.  All followers taken under the leadership feat are extras. An extra has no feats and is limited in their spell selection/casting.  An Extra has a number of hit points equal to 1/3 the level in d6s of the star.  Thus an Extra who's player star is an 10th level character rolls 3d6 for their hit points.  An extra is considered to be 1/3 the level of the Star for purposes of spell casting.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tommorow's War is out!

Ambush Alley's much anticipated game of hard science fiction combat is out!  Tomorrow's war takes you beyond the streets of Bagdad and into the colonies of distant planets where governments via for control of the stars!  The current version of the game comes is a pre-release and contains all the rules necessary to play.  As a playtester of this product I can say that I am very much pleased with the additions such as tech levels and the net as well as the new armor rules and the fact that the kept the basics of the game from Force on Force.  Although you do not need Force on Force to play Tomorrow's War the I highly recommend Force on Force as well as Ambush Valley. 

WtNW: Conflict on Mars Sneek Peek (New Capital Unit and Terrain Rules)

This is a sneek peek from the up-coming WTNW: Conflict on Mars!

New Capital Unit (Behemoths)

• Behemoths do not have standard bases; each is represented by an individual model.
• Behemoths do not use formation rules.
• Walkers may not enter Difficult terrain; Flyers and other flying Capital Units may fly over it without penalty
• Behemoths may fire at multiple units by splitting its Shooting dice.
• Behemoths do not gain the advantage of cover.
• Behemoths are hit on a five or six by Ground Units and a four, five and six by all other units including Artillery.
• Behemoths receive two additional D6s against Ground Units and Artillery in Melee combat.
• Walkers may be the victim of sabotage; Flyers may not.
• Behemoths use the Creature Internal Hit table.
• Behemoths may use the Charge order.

Solar Winds
Solar winds are created by the radiation from the solar flares of the sun. Flyers, Airships, and Small Flying Units that enter Solar Winds are hit with a 3d attack other units are unaffected by the solar winds. These are represented by 4” diameter circles on the table and move in a random direction 2d each turn

Low Gravity
If agreed to before the game, as an optional rule players may double the shoot range of all weapons. This is due to the lower gravity on Mars.

Red Sand Storms
A Red Sand Storm is a freak occurrence and offers no forewarning before it strikes with hurricane strength winds throwing up tones of the fine Martian sand. A Red Sand Storm comes in three categories; a Category One Red Sand Storm is four inches in diameter and will disperse after three turns, a Category Two Red Sand Storm is six inches in diameter and will disperse after three turns and a Category Three Red Sand Storm is ten inches in diameter and will disperse after three turns. All Red Sand Storms, regardless of their Category will disperse after three turns and cause three dice of damage to all units within it causing hits as it if were a ground unit attacking. Once on the table, a Red Sand Storm moves randomly three dice in inches each turn until it moves off the table or dies whichever happens first.

Artwork of the new race by Eli Arndt

Balee (Beast People)
These average human sized bipedal men stand between 4’ and 5” tall and weigh about as much as a normal human. Their faces are elongated with large predatory eyes and large mouths. They have extended snouts that resemble the Martian Vorsn (Wolf Creature) but that are where the similarities to the Earth wolf ends the rest of the creature looks like some form of hideous orangutan They have sharp teeth and their canines are tusk-like curving from their mouths to end in sharp points. They have mottled skin of light and dark browns. The males of the species and the females are both extremely hairy. They live in packs of between 300-1000 individuals and have a technology that rivals the Ruan. They prefer gaudy clothing and a reminiscent of the Renaissance on Earth.

The True Story of Shylitheria - Amphisbaena and Leviathan

The Elder Dragons – The Second
Amphisbaena descended towards the middle of the world and she shook her body until there was a harsh breeze that leveled the land. She then flew up high and came crashing down into the land making a vast inner sea. The land she filled with rivers and lakes and from the waters grew lush jungles and vast floodplains. In the seas she created giant reptilian creatures with mighty fins to propel themselves ever forward possessing huge maws filled with rows of small razor sharp teeth. She also created mighty reptilian beasts that she named Terrible Lizards or Dinosaurs. She called the land Tegobi, meaning fertile valley of reptiles.

Some of these dinosaurs were as small as a chicken with the intelligence to match and yet some were as huge as castles possessing instinct alone. She gave them mighty names such as triceratops, pterodactyl, tyrannosaurus and brachiosaurus to name but a few. She also created the mammals of the land – the mighty elephants, stripped zebras, thick-hided rhinoceros, noble lions, cunning and vigilant crocodiles and lightning fast gazelles.

Her greatest achievement in the dinosaurs was the Gaxdrinix. This supreme hunter of the other dinosaurs possesses a frighteningly keen intellect and is big and fast. The Gax stands forty feet tall and grows to thirty feet long, has two rows of masticating teeth and is covered in a feathery leather hide. They are mostly bipedal but are able to go down on all fours and run at amazing speeds when hungry or threatened. The Gax terrorizes the other dinosaurs but does an amicable job of keeping the flocks trimmed – even the flocks of the T-Rex.

The Elder Dragons – The Third
Then Leviathan went forth unto the world and created the fertile plains of Areaneth. Giant mountain ranges filled with fast moving rapids brought the nutrients of his mountain home to the vast fertile plains and thick woodlands of his region. Where the rivers met the plains and forests they slowed, creating mighty waterways of swamplands and marshes teeming with life.

Next he went down to the plains. Here he filled the lands with conifer trees and plants and animals that thrived on the fertile flood plains and lowlands. Among those created was the horse, a noble animal like Leviathan who raced across the plains in search of their favorite foods. A strange created called a prairie dog was also made to watch over the lands. Quick to alarm and fierce these small dog-like creatures live in burrows under the ground.

He then went to the woodlands and made creatures that could survive there. Among them are the deer a quick fawning and skittish creature they prefer to be in herds for protection against carnivores. He created large packs of wolves. These beasts are cunning and fierce and are able to bring down large groups of deer and other game animals.

When he completed his work Leviathan went back to his mountain range. He is still there, perched and watching over his domain where he floats form one peak to the next, unseen by mortal eyes.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like Pyrate Day

Here we be when all the lubbers try an talk like real a for mentioned pirates.  The only problem is that when he wrote Treasure Island he picked up the cogny accent and some sailor's.  This is what he got.

Ima soon needin ta tell ya a tall tale fer ye be sure ta listen or the pikes o the depth of hell won't catch yer dreams from the screamin ye'll be doin as yer being flogged ya lubber! Most ye lubbers don kne it but Armchairgeneral here is yer real honest to get pirate re-enactor. 

True right knaw we don do much on account o the lil one parlayin her best way outta the lockup in me wife's tummy but as soon as the swab comes out we'll be doin mer o pirating.  Some o the groups ta which I belong and pirate with are the St Augustine Swashbucklers, Pirates and Privateers; the Brothers of the Coast and few me the one which a started it all the Dead Pyrates Society.  Ah don ferget that I'm a benefied member o the International Fellowship of Pirates and Rogues and a member of The Pirate Guild.

So soon shall Morgan McAdams be headin ta the ship ta bring doom, dispair and a bit o bad grammer ta the waters offa Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  Soon shall we be brinig the lil swabs and teachin them the arts o pirating.  Plunder and treasure booty and all sorts of other neat pirating phrases await as we capture the forts and ransack our way ta the pirate life. 

So happy talk like a pirate day ye lubbers.

Capt. Morgan Finnigan McAdams
Privateer HMS Leprechaun

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The True Story of Shylitheria - Genesis and Typhoneus

After some debate, I have decided to bring back Shylitheria - my campaign world.  I may one day publish it either using my own rules or using the 3.5 SRD (OGL).  At this point I am more interested in sharing the storyline with my readers.  In addition, I will be trying to locate any of my old contributions to ezines the Slyvian Trumpeter and several others.  If any of you have my former submissions please email me them so that I might put them here on ACG. Thanks! 

What follows is a very brief description of the creation of the sun and the solar system as well as the Elder Dragons - the first guardians of Shylitheria.  In Shylitheria there is law and chaos and the lines of Good and Evil are kept in balance with the will of those who know how to channel.  Channelers or as they are known in Shylitheria - Arcanists - are at a very precarious place as they are more powerful than normal wizards and arcane casters (who only reach level 5 spells) but run the risk of suffering mana shock.  The plus side is that Arcanists can create their own spells but they channel the literal life essence of magic to do so.  I will post the Arcanist and other classes of my own design in future blog posts.

The True Story of Shylitheria
Genesis of a New World
The true history of Shylitheria, or how the sages of old tell it goes something like this although some tend to ramble as I am doing now but do not let that trouble you as many are the words of wisdom of the sages of old of which I am one. In the great void of space where nothing existed except that which the supreme beings willed something wholly wonderful and terrible was happening at the very same time. A paragon being of supreme intellect and superior knowledge floated in the great comic void until it arrived at the exact spot in space and time it meant to. There, using its will alone it created for itself a body – hands, arms, legs and a massive head to house its enormous brain. With one massive hand that stretched several eons it reached out and pulled on the fabric of the universe until it tore. From the tear a bright essence that it deemed light began to pour forth in large gouts.

Spreading its arms wide, the being started to gather up the light unto itself. When the gathering was complete, the being closed the tear and began to spin in huge circles until the light had formed a ball. Once it had formed the ball the being again stretched for though the cosmos, reaching its other hand as far as it would go it pulled forth more fabric of the universe. This fabric the being began to toss back between its two massive hands until there came forth a scorching heat. This it deemed fire and it threw it at the ball of light, setting it ablaze and spreading warmth throughout the void. It called the ball of light Austra Zolar for it was the first light.

Satisfied with its creation of light and fire it clapped its hands and created stardust. The being gathered together the stardust and gave it form. From the form it called matter the being created a chain of twelve circular spheres of differing size and set them in motion around the sun.

The Creator took hold of each sphere and in turn and formed valleys and peaks across their surfaces and imbued them with energy and unique characteristics the Creator named magic. It released the spheres again to circle Austra Zolar and took a moment to reflect upon its greatness. The spheres, which floated around Austra Zolar, were named Planets. Seeing that one side of the planet was always light and the other side of the planet was always dark, the Creator set them to spin. The being said let there be light and let there be an expanse between lights and called it darkness. This was the first day.

Taking stock of creation revealed several truths that the Creator made – energy can be forced to take form create light and create motion but purpose was left undefined. In order to give purpose to creation energy and motion were combined with the only constant that exists. The Creator took a bit of its own essence and imbued this into the matter to create life. With life comes purpose and cause for creation – to serve the Creator through his emissaries.

The matter gathered and imbued was unable to contain the power of the Creator’s essence alone and split into thirteen different forms created by the Creator. These forms were tasked with finishing what the Creator had started – existence.

The Zulus are coming (and they have such wonderfully painted shields)

OK I so decided that it was time to do some painting on my buddy's zulu's.  So this morning I put paint brush to lead (technically pewter but some of these models are so old they might be lead) and started stroking away.  It took me only about an hour or so to get these guys ready to drybrush and line.  This is the base coat and you will notice paint spill over here and there.  I am not overly concerned with the extra fine detail on these guys as I think they look good painted up quickly and tossed on the table top en masse with hundreds of other zulus to make a giant mob (like they did in reality).  I briefly laughed today as I was painting this particular unit of Impis with a black and white patten on their shields as I thought "Here come the cows!  Oh my God there are thousands of them!"  As old Chamberlin says "Don't swear boys and shoot them in the flanks. We're having steak tonight!  God blessed us for bringing Jesus to these savages with meals on hooves."  Imagine the poor near sighted Chamberlin and the boy's dissapointment when the 'poor savages' show up behind the cow shields.... Then I remembered I was being utterly silly and though I shouldn't share this with my readers but felt what the heck and did it anyway.  At any rate here's the Impis Water Buffalo unit after stage two.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

WTNW Halloween Special!

I know you've been wanting a good large scale strategy game that is set in a world of steam and adventure and I know you've checked out WTNW but thought "Hey 15 or even 12 dollars is too much for a pdf!"  Well now's your chance to get this amazingly great game for the low price of only $10!  That's right.  Until the end of October I will be running this special over at Wargame Vault.  So go check out WTNW and let me know what you think otherwise it may go the way of that great lovable game Survive!

Seriously folks I need feedback on WTWN as I really want to put out something with WTNW: Conflict on Mars that you will enjoy so go over there grab the pdf and let me know what you think!


What are you playing?

Many of you also play games on the internet or on game consoles as well as role play and play miniatures. I thought it would be fun to make a quick post polling my readers.  What are you currently playing?  What's your favorite game right now?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CotS - Nightmare Realms

This weekend the party awakened to a coutyl named Aobean that advised them on one possible way to leave the dread realms.  The party taking the advice traveled to The Stones and attempted to open the elemental gate to return to Faerun from Ravenloft but were unsuccessful after traveling through the Caves of Souls to find the Elemental Censures. When Kreek used her ring of animal friendship to force a pair of mated alligators to kill one another in the attempt to gain access to stream so they could get water for the censure they were instantly ripped from their skins and believed they had died...

They were not dead but were effectively undead as they were transported to the Nightmare Lands.  I allowed them to believe they were undead... The 1/2 or monk of Kelemvor named Grusk and the Sun Devotee of Lathander named Lance were the most affected with the loss of spirit...

The barbarian orc Daldoth was placed in etheral chains but was able to break free and fight his shade jailers who told them "You wait here shades and wear your chains well!"  They had to battle through several animal Luia spirits all who wanted to eat their souls including the Ursa Luia. 

At the end they died fighting the Dracolisk Sansil that is the ruler of the Nightmare Lands...  They returned to their bodies but with only three of the four bowls needed to activate the Elemental Gateway.  Their friend Aobean offered to return them to Barovia to which they agreed.  Thus they were transported back to the Land of Strahd...

Aobean addresses the Six over their campsite.

The party follows Aobean's advice and makes their way to the Stones.

..and they are torn from their bodies and tossed into the Cave of Souls.

Rise of the Fallen Star - Through the Fire...

The company emerges from the Fae realms into the unknown as they return to Faerun through the Black Obelisk.  They must battle through a pillar of fire and its fire guardian to claim the treasure and return to the desert that was once the township of Wardryed having been turned into a desert by the Nightlord and his armies. 

The party is reunited with Baronete Natoth as they battle the minions of flame to escape the guardian.  Tiles courtesy of scrying eye games.

Our heroes emerge from Fairy...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Normandy June 6th 1944...

This is a game I have had setup in the garage now for several weeks.  I am hoping to run it using the Rapid Fire rules and then again using Force on Force.  The Germans are mostly hidden and the Allied side will come from the beach front and have to defeat the positions.  This is based on the Utah beach part of Operation Overlord / Operation Neptune but since I did not have enough US I also used British forces.  There are several warships that will be bombing the Germans before the actual landing takes place...

Against the Heroes - The Rod of Dancing Elves

The party of malcontented mischievous misanthropes snuck into the Cathedral of Renewal, a large temple dedicated to Lathander the Morning Lord to retrieve an item for the pale one known as Galen, The Rod of Dancing Elves.  The party spent many hours attempting to find the best way to break into the temple and came up with several devious plans including swinging across from roofs of nearby houses, sneaking through the sewers, causing a disruption using alchemical bombs, walking in the front door and sneaking into the Abby.  They sent Ambrose and Shadow along with Shar the panther to go scout out the area.  A nearby cemetery offered little hope of egress and the hotel called the Laughing Canticle across the street provided equally well protection to the temple.  In the end they went with circumstance and chose the sewer route.  Shadow and Shar went through the Abby and met their companions below in the catacombs underneath where the temple lay upon the ruins of something as Galen put it "Older than the Elves".

This is the outline of the temple complex that I drew for the group.  One square = 20ft.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Uncharted Seas: Shroud Mages, Martian Full Thrust Fleet, Zulu Progress

I've recently rearranged my office/gaming workspace to where I am more able to facilitate painting miniatures and storing the gaming stuff that is not miniatures related.  My miniature stuff I keep in the gaming room.  I took some quick snap shots of my Uncharted Seas Shroud Mages Fleet and the Martian Fleet for Full Thrust as well as some shots of my office.

Shroud Mages Fleet

Martian Fleet



Storyboarding Ideas and Games

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Letter from Lady Baronete Lavindra

Here are some pictures from the Rise of the Fallen Star's last game where they battled through the Fae Courts and had to proove to the Goblin King they were worthy of being called equals in the Arena!  These maps are Scying Eye Games.

Viet an Rawr battle the Ettin Grognoc while the Goblin King of Fae watches on with bloodthirsty anticipation...

This is a letter for the Rise of the Fallen Star group written by the Elf that seperated from the group when they went to visit the Unseelie Court in the hopes of securing information to defeat the Nightlord.

Lavindra paused and rubbed the bridge of her nose, she was tired and was just finished the letter to Queen Brennon as well to her friends. The small tent was spartan at best. She didn't allow for many luxuries, not for the commission she was given. “Eventually”, continued to be her mantra.

Taking a long drink from the watered down wine, Lavindra grimaced and set it down, it had been ages since she had real wine, but she insured her men enjoyed what luxuries she managed to come across first. Her 'children' as she called them, originally were the men and women she had been assigned to help her kill the secret agents of Vecna.

Where she may have once, so long ago, considered them nothing but tools, like the creatures she summoned. Lavindra had matured, her tools were no longer such, but loyal allies to assist her as she needed. Just like her children, they had to be protected at all costs.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she doubted even her own friends would recognize her.

She looked once again at the letter she had penned and accepted that her friends would either understand it, or bring it to her for her to patiently explain.


If you are reading this, it means that you have returned from the Queen of the Unseelee court, either with information usable against the Nightlord, or at the very least, your skins and souls intact. Master Greenspree will be able to give you this letter and Eza will guide you back to me. However, if Eza is no longer there, that will mean I have fallen and you will instead report to Queen Brennon.

The two years I have been gone and the three which you have been removed from Toril could not have been worse timing. Thus I give you bad news and worse.

The Storm - The Forgotten pt II

For this game we used Scrying Eye game's Subterrain: The Sewers set.  The set worked very well for us.  I placed it under the plexi glass like ususal.  I usually put a chessex or other type of mat underneath the tiles so they do not shift.  In this case I forgot my chessex mat at home.  I highly recommend putting down the chessex mat so when the map shift it does not move the actual pieces.  All of James' map tiles are highly detailed and are a lot of fun to use with Pathfinder, Call of Ctuhlhu or any other system you want.  I am actually designing a miniaure based zombie game that will use the roads to nowhere set.  Check out his product on my links.  He's also in the process of doing a special layout for WtNW: Core 2 (out now) and the Martian Supplement (out soon!).

Kirr the 1/2 Orc Barbarian, Guy the Rogue, Alabast the Sorcerer and Aurora the fighter conitnued into the Sunless Citadel where they found magic treasures including a magical sword that was the bane of all outsiders, potions, and other parts of the Bonedemon wizard's collection. 

Down the widest corridor they find a chamber with two coffins.  One is labeled Myrkul God of the Dead and the other is labeled Melengel.  No one is sure who the second is but the Cleric Morgan states that Myrkul was slain in the Avatar Wars (Great Series written by the fine folks who put Faerun together) and that Melengel was one his many lovers.  The coffins are empty.

A ladder leads down to an inner sanctum wherein are holy and unholy texts worth hundreds of gold but they are left in their cases by our heroes their illuminated and damning texts remainded undisturbed.  Vestments of the priests of Torm and of priests of Myrkul alike hang in the closet.

Then they find a ladder leading into the pits below.  An old sewer system under the Citadel. The sewer water is about hip high and the celing of the sewer low. In the darkness, they battle through the sewers fighting zombie dogs and undead to reach the chamber of the babbling flesh amorphus ooze known as The Forgotten one.  A Chaos Beast worshipped as a god by many called Chignarok.  The beast's cry when heard would cause them to become weak in the mind as they lost wisdom of their past. The party charges in and a brave battle ensues in which several members almost succumb to the call of their flesh and melt into piles of nothingness as Chignarok's claws and mouths rip at their flesh and tear at their very structure.  The chaos spawn also attack the party and Ibixian worshippers with crossbows fire into the melee.  "You cannot kill a god" says one of the worshippers.  "Your god is nothing more than a pile of flesh" echos Alabast followed by Guy's taunt of "We will carve him up and place his pieces in the River Styx." and Aurora's might swing of her magic greatsword splits the creature with a final death blow from Kirr.

As the battle comes to a climax one is heard "You die first Kirr the Barbarian" and a shadowy figure with a poisoned light crossbow fires from above at the top of the exit to the chamber "Zarnal always gets his man" and vanishes in a shadowy embrace.  Meanwhile Kirr struggles with the poision of death fast flowing through his veins as the darkness begins to consume him...  He awakens, weakened but alive somewhere between life and death in the Sunless Citadel.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Nightlord Saga - The Prophecy of the Sword of Oberon

Last night the Rise of the Fallen Star heard a prophecy while at the Seelie Court of Fey.  The prophecy was given by King Arahun, King of Wind and his consort the Queen Nesarfa, Queen of Nature and Seasons.  I have explained to everyone how the campaigns are intertwined and that everything everyone does has some impact on the overall storyline.  This is meant to be an epic adventure where you can truly weave your character's stories into the game.  I hope you enjoy the prophecy and can see where this story is going.


"The Darkness will continue to grow and devour the Dalelands in Night.  Over the next five years the one who was awoken will Rule with Shadow and Death.  Those who Harp and those Goodly men and women of Faerun will fight the Lord of the Night but many will die in bloody wars as the Darkness consumes the independent kingdoms around the Dales. 

On the seventh  year, Heroes will come bearing the Sword of Kings wrought by Ancient Fey Magic, the 'Culdun de Sanguine'.  When brought to the Future King of the Dales will strengthen the small pockets of resistance hiding in the outskirts and the banner of hope will be with Battledale and Deepingdale.  Slowly the Darkness will begin to recede and be pushed back into the Ancient Forest of Cormanthor into his prison where agents of his brother The Great Wolflord who having been delivered his lost love from The Heroes Six has united under the banner of the Future King. 

The Future King will bring the Daleslands a new great ruler and the Darkness will be locked away for many more years...  Already agents and heroes have been dispatched to the Lands of Dread to recover items from the Bardic Kingdom of Kartakass locked in shadow for a thousand years, heroes have traveled beneath the land to the Palelands to where the Sunless Citadel has been hidden from light for centuries to recover hidden magics.  A Storm is coming and soon all of Faerun will be rocked by a Dragon Flight as agents of Darkness work against the plans of the heroes some desiring fame and fortune other's with lust filled hearts plunder the kingdoms with their Liege Lord of Night.

Seek ye great heroes the Land known as the Blasted Kingdom from where heroes seldom return. Seek a place where magic has been torn and the tears of Mystra weep for the lost Weave.  Seek that place where the Weave of Magic is the most volatile.  Seek the Ruins of Myth Drannor and deep inside you will find the power to turn back the Darkness from the Fallen Star."